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How to rhyme words


How to rhyme words</a>

Rhyme - the consonance of words, often located at the end of two poetic lines. It has many characteristics that simplify the search for rhyming words at the end of a particular line.

Most often, rhyme is used based on the sound similarity of the last syllable.



In a precise rhyme, a pair of words are used, the last syllables of which are strictly consonant: the enemy-darkness, hatch-trick, etc. This rhyme is the most common and often serves as a criterion for assessing the skill of the poet.


Approximate rhyme based on similaritiesSyllables, but allows for greater freedom of choice of words: syllables-currents, prayer-broken. Simultaneous use of sonorous and deaf consonants, as well as consonants of one series (k-x-d) is allowed. Sometimes novice poets abuse this kind of rhyme, which makes the work negligent.


There are male, female, dactylic,Hyperdactylic rhyme. By this characteristic, the number of syllables after the extreme stressed syllable of the string is determined. Accordingly, it can be zero, one, two, three syllables.


The methods of rhyming determine the position of the pairs of strings rhymed together in the stanza. Steam room: A
BTherever: A
Girdle: A
A complex shingles (one of the variants): A
In the latter version is difficult to perceive, but very easy to write, since it does not require an instant search for rhyme.


Before rhyming a word, analyze itSound composition and general idea. A number of words, such as "love", "again", "tear" and others (you will be able to identify them in practice), it is better not to use at the end of the line. Rhymes to them can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and all of them were repeatedly used. Try to rebuild the line so that in the end a more fresh, not rhyme-cut word appears.


It is not necessary to put a rhyme at the end of the line. In the poem, the reference to which is under the article, rhyme the first syllables of the lines, simultaneously combined with the last syllables of the previous lines. You can apply any methods at your discretion, the main thing is to experiment with the word.


Use Dictionaries Rhyme. Services that host the poetry of modern authors, allow you to find the most unexpected and new words-rhymes. If there is no computer at hand, you can scroll through the syllables in your head, using the end of the search string and constantly replacing the consonant in front of it.


You do not have to follow the rhyme. The white verse, remaining rhythmic, has a free ending and is read quite easily due to the similarity with everyday speech. You can use it as an element of your form and do not feel remorse for your laziness if you put deep meaning and other ornaments into your work.

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