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HOW soldering plug in headphones

How to rewire the plug in headphones

Conductors headphones are very thin. After a short operation, they fray.

This occurs most often in the plug.

Eliminate this fault can be soldering.

You will need

  • - payalnik-
  • - Wooden doschechka-
  • - kusachki-
  • - passatizhi-
  • - ommetr-
  • - kembrik-
  • - heat-shrink tubing-
  • - lighter-
  • - Adhesive pistolet-
  • - A new plug.



If headphones are connected to the signal source,disconnect them by pulling the plug. What happens next depends on whether you want to keep the old plug to deteriorate the appearance, or you want to replace it with a new one. To save an existing connector, gently remove it with forceps soft shell without damaging located inside the pin contacts made from hard plastic. Thereby you get to places soldering. If you decide to replace the plug with a new cut old.


Get out from under the shell cord veins coveredcolored insulating varnish. Length released from the shell conductors should be about 15 mm. Color coding of the following: silver or gold - general- green or blue - left- red or orange - right. To tin conductors to a length of about 3 mm. Do not use the release of insulation conductors from matches, lighters - then not only will burn the varnish, but blackened copper to tin why it will be difficult. Explorer, which previously applied rosin, to push plaque and repeatedly perform tinned soldering iron - nail burn and copper to tin.


To save the old plug first Unsolderremnants of the conductors of the soldering locations. Put the whole cable shrink tube. Both common solder wire to the terminal, the least distance from the boundary between the protruding portion and the connector housing. The conductor corresponding to the left channel, solder to the most remote terminal, and the corresponding right - to the middle.


Check the headphones ohmmeter: if you connect it between the common conductor and the contact of a channel, the corresponding dynamics of clicks. If this does not happen, and the arrow is not rejected, you make a break, and if it does not click when deviating direction - short circuit. Correct any errors.


Fill the space ration of glue gun, and when hecooled, put shrink tubing so that it does not cover the protruding part of the connector, but covered all the places rations, then warm up the lighter, the tube shrank and wrapped around the plug. Perederzhivat it can not be - the handset can char and even catch fire. Now, again, check with ohmmeter headphones.


To install a new connector to remove itcover and thread the cable through it. Cover with internal thread should be turned to the connector. Wear thick sleeve on the cord, and thin - to the core conductors, the relevant channels. wear individual end sleeves is not necessary on the core common wire. If the lid is metal, pull on the cord as a tube, which you will find in the plug by removing the cover.


Both the common conductor is soldered to the longserving plate, after threading through the hole in it. Conductors appropriate channels, to the small solder terminals, pre-determine which of them corresponds to any contact: average (left channel) or the far (right). Lunches Designated close small cambric, and then the entire area, where there are these rations, close the tube that comes with the plug. Check ohmmeter headphone same as in the previous case. Put on the lid and repeat the test.


If a fault in the plug after its repair or replacement is not found to connect the earphones back to the signal source, and you can use them.

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