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HOW repaired slope window

How to patch up the slope of the window

Slopes - an important part of the window.

They mask the mounting seams and provide long-term operation window.

Therefore, the finishing is so necessary to pay special attention to them.

Originally need to identify the material from which they are made.



The easiest and cheapest way - itUse of dry mixes. Traditionally, the slope may be formed from conventional plaster. But this kind of finish, you must first prepare the wall for applying the material. If there is a large gap, it is necessary to impose on the wall layer of the solution, while applying a special mixture. So in order to achieve the best effect of white slope, use water-based mixture under the plaster. To perform this work requires special tools. Slope made of plaster mixtures for the outer side of the window.


Slope of the plastic panel is performed mucheasier. The large panel size of your cut pieces of the slope for the three sides of the window. Panel with a special plastic rails attached to the window. Side panel relative to the window are set at an angle of 90-110 degrees. Each panel is attached to the wall, and the gap between the window and the old slope is filled with foam. It provides additional insulation of the window. After drying the foam is necessary to remove the dried residues. The gap between the wall and the panel closed specially cut F-shaped rail, which must be tightly adhere to the wall.


slopes Plasterboard performed similarlyplastic. There are two ways of installation: the prepared panels are installed directly on an existing profile, or stick to the glue. It is insulated with thermal insulation of mineral wool. Plasterboard panels after installation must be treated with a primer followed by painting. To corner was perfectly flat on the corner of plasterboard glued to a steel putty paint ugolok.Gipsokarton very sensitive to moisture, so when you select must take into account the humidity of the room.

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