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How to fix a window slope


How to fix a window slope</a>

Slopes are an important part of the window.

They mask the installation seams and provide the window with long-term operation.

Therefore, when finishing it is necessary to pay special attention to them.

Initially, you need to determine the material from which they will be executed.



The simplest and cheapest way is toUse of dry mixes. Traditionally, the slope can be made of ordinary plaster. But with this type of finish, you first need to prepare a wall for the application of the material. If there are large cracks, then you need to apply a layer of mortar to the wall, using a special mixture. So to achieve the best effect of the white slope, use the water-based mixture for the plaster. To perform these works, special tools are needed. A slope made of plaster mixes is suitable for the outside of the window.


A slope from the plastic panel is performed mucheasier. From the large panel on the size of your slope are cut pieces for the three sides of the window. The panel is attached to a window using a special plastic strip. Side panels in relation to the window are installed at an angle of 90-110 degrees. Each panel is attached to the wall, and the gap between the window and the old slope is filled with mounting foam. This gives an additional warming of the window. After the foam has dried, it is necessary to remove the dried residues. The gap between the wall and the panel is closed with a specially cut-out F-shaped strip, which must be firmly attached to the wall.


Slopes From gipsokartona are carried out similarlyPlastic. There are two ways to install them: harvested panels are installed directly on the existing profile, or glued to the glue. Here thermal insulation is insulated mineral wool. Plasterboard panels after installation must be treated with a primer followed by painting. To ensure that the angle was perfectly even, the pasteboard corner is glued to the plasterboard cornice. The gypsum board is very sensitive to moisture, so when choosing it is necessary to take into account the humidity of the room.

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