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HOW repaired pipe

How to seal the pipe

There are apartments, where there would be no pipes in the bathroom and toilet. The pipes are necessary, but they are often disfigure the best design.

Therefore, it decided to close the pipe.

Do it best with drywall.

You will need

  • Metal profiles for plasterboard, drywall knife, screws, drywall, tiles or panels, glue, sand paper, foam, tape measure.



The first step is to build around the pipe, whichto be closed, a frame made of metal profiles for the drywall. Around the pipe set three vertical profile. If you zakryvate vertical pipes, profiles set vertically if horizontal - flip them around and install the pipes. Determine the distance between them. Then cut pieces from a different profile of the same size and inserting them between the already established profiles to fix screws. The frame is ready. Remember that between the frame and the adjacent part of the pipe should be a small space.

How to seal the pipe


Now you are ready to trim tubesplasterboard. Carefully measure out the drywall and cut the necessary pieces. Then Put the parts to the frame and attach the screws on all sides. Speakers of the drywall cut special plasterboard with a knife. The edges of the drywall sandpaper grind, the gap between the tube and fill the mounting foam plasterboard. When it is dry, remove the excess with a knife. The result was a box of drywall.

How to seal the pipe


Now a box that closes the tube, it is necessarydecorate it to look nice. It all depends on your imagination and design interior bathroom or toilet. If all tiled, box should also be covered with tiles similar structure and color. If the walls are paneled, too, need to use such panels for the box. Then your bath or toilet buut look harmonious and cozy.

How to seal the pipe

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