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HOW relieve nervous tension for 10 minutes

How to relieve nervous tension for 10 minutes

Nervous tension and anxiety is the fear that devastate, deprived of vitality and hope.

In this state, a person is not capable of making good decisions, and logical operations.

Anxiety causes confusion andhelplessness. This emotional reaction occurs mainly when a person is faced with the problems and can not see their immediate solutions. The more anxiety affects women - because it is a condition they cause the slightest problem, such as lack of time.

When the nerves to the limit, it is recommended to use the following plan of action:

  1. Take a sheet of paper and describe the points that you care about at the moment. If possible, make a plan for the implementation of each of them.
  2. Take a very comfortable position, close your eyes andimagine yourself in your favorite place (in nature, a strong-smelling flowering tree, or the place where you want to go to travel). The more carefully you will see the picture, the faster your breathing becomes smooth and tension retreat.
  3. If you have a huge number of orders at work or household duties, highlight the most important of them, do not require a delay, and begin to implement them.
  4. Highlight a clear time to relax, even if it is the minimum.

Anxiety is the cause of many diseases. It is necessary to pay to this your attention, and maybe you just need a little bit to reduce the list of their responsibilities to a reasonable level.

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