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How to regain the post

How to recover mail

All we are confronted with the need to use e-mail services. We use e-mail as a secure method of correspondence with our friends, acquaintances, relatives and colleagues.

But he was only protected by our login and password,and sometimes it happens that our detractors arrogate to themselves the mailbox, and in this case we need to regain the post as soon as possible in order to minimize possible damage.

You will need

  • - A computer
  • - The Internet
  • - Mobile phone



Type in the address bar of your email serviceEmail. Enter the username and the password that you remember, and if it was not to link to the Options menu to reset your password, but now it should appear. Click on the button that takes you to the menu.


Before you should open a page with optionsrestore access to a mailbox, or will one of these options. Recovery can take place in three schemes: the answer to the security question, recovery through the mobile phone number and through the electronic box, which was listed as a backup on the hacking case.


If there was a window in front of you with recoveryaccess to e-mail accounts through the expulsion of the code on the mobile phone, press the button, after clicking that you should come to the phone code. Enter it in the box that opens after selecting the restore method and your link is clicked.


Choosing recovery through the answer to the security question, you must answer the security question that you set when you create a mailbox.


If you choose to restore throughbackup e-mail account, you will need to log in to my e-mail box backup and clicking on the link, which will come to you in a letter after clicking on the proper selection button when recovering the password, enter your new password.


After successful completion of one of thethe above points, you will be prompted to change the password to access the e-mail box. Change it and go to your email inbox, using the new password.

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