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How to reduce cats


How to reduce cats</a>

Making a decision to get a cat, you must immediately decide on whether the animal will bring the offspring or not. If there is no desire to breed cats, then it is better to sterilize it.

But those owners who dream to tinker with kittens, you need to familiarize yourself with all the nuances of this case.



For the first time the cat comes to the hunt in 7-8Months, but it is too early to introduce it to the cat, even if it is fully strengthened until 1-1.5 years old, pelvic bones will form. This will in the future avoid miscarriages and the birth of inferior kittens. If the cat has never happened, it is better to forget about the kittens, late pregnancy will only be harmful.

How cats are reduced


The cat's desire for reproduction is manifestedEstrus. The name came from the flow of bloody discharge during sexual hunting. The estrus in cats changes the behavior of the animal. The cat becomes especially affectionate, she rubs for a long time about her legs, rolls on the floor and very often lickens the genitals. When stroking, she flexes her back and takes a characteristic paired posture.

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The estrus in cats lasts 8-15 days, but to reduce the cat toA cat can only be when she herself will manifest to this desire a recitation meow. Sometimes cats can not tolerate a male at all, this is a consequence of her memories of the previous mating without her desire (rape).

Introduce cats


In general, cats are very moody and capricious. If she does not like the cat or the furnishings, she will instantly turn into a hissing toothy-clawed beast. Another time animals should be introduced in advance, try not to change the cat, as many cats have odnolyubki. Pairing a cat is desirable in a familiar setting and delivering it to the groom without stress. But never force a cat to take a cat forcibly!

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Finally, everything went well. The cat is favorably disposed towards the cat and after a while allows it. He grabs her behind the scruff of her teeth and mates. Sexual intercourse is very fast. The cat begins to ruffle viciously, pulls away and scratches. The penis of the cat has sharp jaggies and causes pain to the cat, but nature was so conceived that this is the moment that provokes ovulation. For 100% of fertilization, animals are kept together for 2-3 days.

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