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HOW razvaltsevat brake tube

As razvaltsevat brake tube

During tuning brake system is limited banal replacement drum brake discs, as it turned out, does not work.

Complete modernization of the braking system of the car begins with pipeline replacement hydraulic brakes and ends with the installation disk mechanisms.

You will need

  • - Key for the brake pipe,
  • - Tool for expanding tubes.



In order to reduce the cost of cars andincrease economic effect of production avtopromyshlennikom currently set steel brake lines. But not so long ago was equipped with hydraulic brakes copper pipes, which have high corrosion resistance in comparison with their iron counterparts, thereby prolonging the turnaround of the machine.


During braking system tuning is usually installed in the hydraulic copper tubes of larger diameter. This entails the replacement of all the connecting piping components.


One of the highlights of painstaking modernizationIt becomes cutting blanks and flaring tubes. In this case, it uses a special device that greatly simplifies the process of tuning the braking system.


Said device has a cutter, which cut the tube, designed for installation in hydraulic after flaring.


Using the device is quite simple, certainly it will not cause complications in many motorists and is as follows:

- The surface of the tube is degreased with acetone,

- Workpiece is clamped securely in the apparatus so that over the capture remained a segment equal to 5 mm-

- Flaring mechanism handled by the end of the copper tube,

- The tube end is flared successfully exempt from capture, and it put on two metal shtutsera-

- The second end of the tube is clamped and the device is expanded similar to the preceding method.


When you've done the above manipulation tube with flared edges will be ready for installation in the store for her place of hydraulic brakes.

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