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HOW radically change hair color

How to radically change hair color

Deciding to change the image, turning from the burning brunette in a brown-haired woman, every think about the benefits and dangers of such changes.

Go on a rich black colorminimal loss of hair is possible only in the case of brown-haired woman in transition. In this case, the hair remover for gentle and will not bring great harm to the hair structure. Number of washes depends also on what colors and how often were colored hair.

To choose the method of hair color change is necessarydecide in what period of time these changes must occur. It can be a few days prereyti from white to black, but the hair at the same time will have to be treated for a long time. And it is possible for more sparing technique spend a lot of time, but to come to the desired result with the least losses.

Of course, remove the black folk remediespaint hair is simply unrealistic. On personal experience it has been tried many recipes from the Internet. Remover - is the first step for the transition from light to dark hair.

Wash, usually gives a reddish-yellowishthe color of the hair, but the first step can be considered already done. After this procedure, the hair should be given time to recover. At this time, useful to do regenerating hydrating mask with oils. They will make the hair moisturized. The scales of the hair, which, if disclosed remover specifically for washing the paint, will be closed.

The second step is to maroon hair coloringshade. But at the same time, even if you take a cold ashy hue, the resulting hair color will cast copper. If you want to have a cool ash shade of chestnut - it should hold a number of events.

At this stage, the mask should be made not only withfirming and moisturizing effect, but also to add ingredients, lightening hair. It nourishes the hair and brightens natural honey. Exposure mask as a beneficial effect on structure and color of the hair. Only the greatest effect this mask should be applied for 4-6 hours.

The third step to be ashy chestnuthair highlights. It highlights and give the subsequent ashy hue. The final stage will be the color of the hair in the noble cool shade of chestnut. All transformation with the least negative impact on the very structure of the hair will go from one to three months, depending on the original condition of the hair.

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