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HOW quietly pass notes in class

Send a note to a friend may be difficult if the teacher is watching you

Many times students come across the fact that they catch on the transfer of notes to other students during the lesson.

The situation in this case there is a ticklish.

Using a few simple techniques, you can transfer the note to friends and not be seen for many years.

You will need

  • Note paper and pencil



When the lesson you have a desire orthe need to ask a neighbor something, and the teacher makes all silent, do this. On a piece of paper write the smallest size that you would like to say. This may be a common paper for notes.


Most importantly - do it all noticeable. If in front of you is an open blog, tutorial or book, put a note at the top and write. Usually all they catch on that they write anywhere on your lap or under the desk, glancing around. But when you face the teacher is supposed to open a notebook or a book lying on the desk.


Once you have written whatever they wanted, dropa note on the floor, while the teacher turned away or talking on the phone. You can pretend that you forgot something in your bag or briefcase and you're going to get it. Then drop a note next to the foot. Then step on her soles. Normally, a note can be passed from hand to hand, but it's a master class.


If the person sitting next to you can trust podpihnite paper at his feet and ask them to bring on the intended recipient. Do it quickly.

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