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How fast to run Windows 8 application dates

How quickly the desired applications to run Windows 8

On modern laptops installed operating system Windows 8.1.

Undoubtedly, the new "tile" interface is convenient in the case of use with touch screens.

But to start, for example, the application "Mail" on the laptop screen with the usual need to press the Win key, and then the mouse or touchpad to select the desired tile.

There is an easier way!



Press Win key to open the Home screen Windows 8.1. Right-click on the tile of the desired application. Select "Pin to Taskbar".


Once again press the Win key to go to theDesktop mode. The Taskbar should see Windows Mail icon. Note the number of the application icon in the taskbar. For the example shown in the figure is the number 4. However, you can move the application to any place in the Taskbar by dragging it with the mouse.


Now, being in any mode - Desk or Home screen, you can always call the Mail by pressing Win + 4.

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