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How quickly learn traffic rules

How quickly learn traffic rules

The number of cars on the streets of our citiesincreasing day by day, therefore, increases the number of drivers. If you decide to join them and you will pass the exam in the traffic police, traffic study you can not avoid.

At first glance, this task seems impossible, but if you are a responsible approach the solution of this problem, memorizing rules of the road you will find interesting entertainment.

You will need

  • - A book of the SDA, the desired categories-
  • - A computer connected to the Internet.



Buy a book of rules of the road is forthe category for which you have to take the exam. Rules, of course, all the same, but still there are some differences for motorcycle drivers, cars, buses or trucks. It is better to start the study of the rules that you need to in the future not be retrained. For the same reason you should not take the book with PDD have a friend who has successfully passed on the rights of a year or two ago. Regulations are constantly amended and supplemented, you nothing to lose time learning the old stuff.


Search the Internet site with online testingSDA. Compare tickets with questions on the website with those that are in the book. Make a bookmark on the site, where tickets will coincide with the book. These tests will be necessary throughout the study. Make it a rule to take a study of traffic problems for at least half an hour a day.


Prepare a pen and paper. They record the number of questions that you find it difficult to answer, and the next time you approach only answer to these questions, skipping those answers which you know well. The second time, too, mark questions that caused you confusion or doubt when testing. In the third pass only those questions. Thus, you will not waste time on the answers to the questions that you know well, freeing him to study and repetition.


Are tested on a daily basis, not runningahead of theoretical training in the classroom. Answer only those tickets that you already understand the driving school. Teachers analyze each issue in detail, you will just have to fix traveled, not puzzle over the fact that you have not yet explained. Try not to miss a class, to study the nuances of traffic and driving is impossible.

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