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How quickly heal tattoo

As the tattoo heals quickly

Tattooing - is a skin injury, which means that after performing this procedure, the person takes some time for rehabilitation.

While the "wounds" heal, it is important to ensure that the damaged portion of the body proper care.

How long does it take to recover from tattooing

It is impossible to say exactly how many will lasthealing tattoo as a universal answer to this question does not exist. Much depends on the specific organism from how quickly tightened wound on the body of the individual. But in any case it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations relating to the care of the tattoo, as this will significantly speed up the process.

Much depends on what body part has been selected for printing. As a rule, most likely heal tattoos on his forearms, and the slowest - at the ankles.

On average, 2-3 days after applicationTattoo crust appears on the skin. It is not recommended to remove it - she will disappear when the healing process is complete. After 7-10 days, as a rule, the rehabilitation period has passed: the redness disappears, the skin is not sore more crust entirely eliminated. During this time, do not scratch the area of ​​the body where the tattoo was done, even if the itching becomes strong. To ease the discomfort, use a soothing soft cream.
Typically, wound tattoo lasts from 1 to2 weeks rehabilitation period but may be shorter or longer depending on the circumstances. If you need to figure correction, be prepared for the fact that the healing period will increase by about half.

How to properly care for the tattoo

After the treatment the skin below the figure andaround it is red, there are unpleasant sensations. To facilitate the healing process, it is recommended to wear for a while on the damaged area of ​​the body bandage and removing it, gently wash the skin with cold water. Use a washcloth and a towel in the first 4-5 days after the patterning is impossible.

It is important that dressing for the tattoo, as well as the clothes you wear, is made of natural fabrics. When using synthetic high risk of allergic reactions.

To speed up the process of rehabilitation,It recommended at least twice a day, gently wipe the skin with a tattoo with cotton wool soaked in alcohol tincture of calendula, and then rinse with cool water and lubricate the baby cream.
In the first 10 days after tattooingstrictly forbidden to visit a solarium, exposing the damaged area of ​​skin exposed to sunlight, go to the bath, swim in public pools, rivers, seas, and play sports

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