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How quickly earn teenager


Any young person wants to have their own money to spend on their needs. However, parents in most cases give a few hundred rubles, and their is not enough for all.

But you can earn money by their own labor.

Of course, ways to make money for teens nota lot, but you can choose the most suitable. However, you must first ask the parents what they think about it, because some organizations require their permission in writing form. If it is impossible to provide, you have to look for another place.


Almost every teenager can go to workpromoter. This work is very well paid, you can work a few hours a day, and the work itself requires no special skills. From the applicant's need kindness, politeness and sociability. The duties of the promoter include participation in various promotions and tastings, distribution of promotional items and more.

Service staff

A teenager can go to work as a waiter, cafeoften requires the staff, and they can take on a minor work. Of course, many will not pay him, but it is possible there is also tipped by them will be able to collect a decent amount. However, this work will have to be trained as a waiter profession requires specific knowledge. Do not give up this since then for excellent service to customers will reward a good tip.


Many free newspapers are required couriersbecause there is little pay. However, a few hours of work a month goes a good amount. Such organizations safely hire teens as they carry out their work responsibly and do not require high wages. For this reason it is possible to consider this option. Besides, you can get a courier in any office, but this work will require a personal transportation, often because the documents have to deliver a lot. But do not despair, because the bike is fine and as personal transport.

Car Wash

If you see ads in the newspaper, you cansee that quite often in the workshop are required Car. Since this is not a very prestigious position, people will quickly find themselves something better. For this reason, Car can get even a teenager, only need to make some effort and undergo a probationary period.

the Internet

If a teenager is interested in programming,he can find a job on the Internet. This will require to register for one of the sites for freelancers and acquire a portfolio. Then you need to view orders and leave their offerings to customers.

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