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HOW putty plasterboard walls

How putty plasterboard walls

Spackling the walls of plasterboard - it is a set of works, which should be done in a certain sequence.

Violation or non-performance of at least one condition will lead to poor results.

You will need

  • - screwdriver-
  • - shpaklevka-
  • - putty knife-
  • - sandpaper-
  • - Armirovochnaya tape-
  • - Galvanized metal ugolok-
  • - stremyanka-
  • - Respirator.



Inspect the surface of the walls of thedrywall putty before. It should not be bad screwed screws. Spend a spatula to the places where they are located. If trowel is without hooks, TOVS normal. If trowel touches screws, then tighten up with a screwdriver. They must be recessed to a depth of 1 mm.


Too deeply screwed - unscrew andstepping back 5 cm, new twist. All scratches, dents and deep defects zashpaklyuyte in several stages to the level of the surface of the drywall. putty layers are applied after complete drying of the previous layer.


Prepare the ceiling for putty. To do this, remove the dust off it. Use the ladder to safety.


Take a small amount of filler and apply it along the length of the ceiling seam. Stick tape on the seams armirovochnuyu serpyanku. Spread it evenly between the walls.


Tape close with a spatula putty layer. Try to keep the width of the strip was slightly wider than the seam. The solution is slightly pressed into the seam.


Spray coat the entire surface of the ceilingprimer. It must be sufficiently fluid. Make two or three layers. After drying the primer filler walk sandpaper for smoothing the surface of the ceiling.


For inner corners, apply spacklingplaster on both sides of the angle, and gently push it serpyanku. Top spatula, apply a layer of mortar. Leave for a day for drying. Align the corner of the sandpaper. If found irregularities, it is necessary to putty again.


For the sealing of the outer corners take galvanized metal corner. It is to prevent the angle from shock and damage.


Cut the height you need. On the outer side of the corner, apply a layer of putty. Gently press in her area. Close Area layer of putty. The next day, apply another layer of putty to achieve a good result.


After plastering work, go to the polishing of all surfaces of the drywall. For this operation, use a respirator.

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