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How to upgrade your server


How to upgrade your server

After starting the game server, a reasonableQuestion: what can be done to make it attractive to players? The answer is simple - add all the add-ons for people to have fun and enjoy playing on it, and just be.

There are a number of things that will ensure a 100% increase in visitors on the server, both temporary and permanent.



Plugins for shooting. The most popular and attractive plug-in for the game - it's tracers and marks on the hit. Tracers appear every time a player shoots, from each bullet that his weapon releases. A hit mark indicates how many percent of the life you took off the enemy, even when you get through the wall.


Models. Use separate models for each team. You can use both standard, but well-traced models, and unusual, non-standard, suitable for any holiday or event. For example, instead of a team of special forces against a team of terrorists, you will have a team of grandfathers frosts against a team of mikki-mausas.


Audio accompaniment. Replace the standard radio commands with something more cheerful, for example, the voices of Beavis and Butt-Head, or other sounds that have not yet been bored to anyone. Pick up a playlist that will be played at the end of each round if one of the teams wins. Make it in such a way that the "hymn" of one team will be one song, and the "hymn" of the second team is the other.


Use your imagination, do not be afraid.experiment. Always have the ability to disable and enable plug-ins in order to be able to adjust their performance in accordance with the wishes of the players.

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