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HOW pump car

How to pump car

Many motorists, buying a car oralready possessing a vehicle, are wondering how to improve the performance of, or as they say, to "pump" your car. To begin, decide what you need.

Any improvements, whether the engine tuning and suspension, starting with improving the brake system.

Remember that because of the improved dynamic characteristics of standard brakes degrade passive safety.

So be careful with the tuning.

You will need

  • The Bulgarian, jack handle, spacers, springs, snorkel, larger diameter wheels with off-road tires.



If you have an SUV, and you're a fan of activeattacks on nature, the best option of tuning in your case - it is pumping suspension lift (increased ride height), setting the wheels of larger radius with distinct lugs, as well as the acquisition of a snorkel for the engine sealing, power bumpers to protect the body from damage and finally - electric winch.


In order to make the elevator car, buy spacers (if the Jeep frame), or an increase of the spring (if car with a monocoque body). To install spacers, remove the body attachment points to the frame, then lift up the body of the jack, install spacers between the body and frame and tighten the back. Lift frame SUV is ready.


For cars with a monocoque body all a bitmore difficult. Remove the rack attachment points to the body, lift the body of the jack, remove the old spring, put a new and tighten everything back. After these operations can safely buy larger diameter wheels with off-road tires and set on the regular places.


To install the snorkel, youIt needs to Bulgarian. With a snorkel to the point of attachment, hose circle passing zone, and then cut the required Bulgarian section, slide the hose from the air filter to attach the snorkel and snorkel to the body (hose guide, mounting hardware included).


In deeper rework requiredmechanical intervention in the design of the car, which reduces the car's life many times, and eventually lead to expensive major overhaul. Do not try to make your car the middle class VIP cars. Refer to the experts for advice, some tuning will not damage your vehicle. And remember, whatever the pumping of the car, the main thing that it was safe.

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