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How to breed croton


How to breed croton</a>

Croton (Codiaeum) - "spoiled child" of the flower window.

Any floriculturist wants to not only grow a luxurious specimen, but also multiply it at home.

That's just the best multiplication of croton in a greenhouse.



This plant multiplies by stem stems andOnly in the spring. Prepare the apical stem approximately 10-15 cm high. For this, cut the lignified stalk with a sharp knife and immerse it in warm water with wood or activated charcoal in order to wash off the milky juice. Then the stalk should be dried a little, and the leaves bound in a tube, to reduce the evaporation of moisture from the plant.


So that the rooting takes place faster, beforePlace in the greenhouse, the stalk must be immersed in phytohormones (Kornevin or Phytopharma). Further it should be planted in a mini-greenhouse (peat, sphagnum moss and sand should be covered with a film) and daily spray and aerate the greenhouse. Also, the process of rooting will be accelerated up to a month by the lower heating of the greenhouse.


Another possible to multiply the croton with air layersAnd seeds. Air layers - a branch with a bare stem that is tilted to the ground, sprinkled with earth and after it takes root, cut off from the main plant and transplanted into a new pot. Seeds, like cuttings, are planted in a greenhouse in January-February, pre-soaking for several hours in phytohormones. Germination of the seeds after about 3-4 weeks.

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