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How to propagate a rose with cuttings


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You can buy seedlings of roses in the store, in the market, but it is better to propagate by cuttings from their bush.

Then you can plant your favorite variety in several corners of the site, exchange planting material with neighbors or open your own small business.

You will need

  • - secateurs-
  • - a stem of a rose-
  • - fertile soil-
  • - water-
  • - plastic bottles.



It is better to propagate those species that then grow beautifully and blossom without requiring vaccination. These are roses: pletistye-floribunda-polyanthic-hybrid-polyanthic.


Greenhouse varieties also multiply well. Therefore, if a beautiful bouquet was presented and you want to have such flowers on your site, then root such cuttings. They are herbaceous (green, neodrevesnevshie). Such a planting material is preferred for the propagation of roses.

Preparation of cuttings from a greenhouse rose


After the bud appeared on the vending shoot, take the pruner and cut off a piece of a branch 5-8 cm long. The stem is taken from the middle part of the branch. It should have 2-3 buds.


The lower cut is made at an angle of 45 degrees, andThe upper one is 90 degrees. Remove the lower leaves to reduce the evaporation of moisture. Now it is necessary to place the cuttings in the nutrient solution of heteroauxin (rootstock) for a day, lowering the lower part 4-5 cm into it. The temperature of the solution should be slightly warm (28-32 ° C).

Cuttings of roses in water


Further, rooting occurs also in water. It is poured into the jar, into which the lower parts of the shoots drop for 2-3 weeks. The container should not be in the sun, half-shade will do. Every day or every other day, carefully pour out the old one and pour new water.


When the roots of the future cuttings appear on the ends of the cuttings in the form of a light ball, then it is necessary to wait another week for the roots to appear. Then you need to sell the planting material to the ground.


Plant cuttings on a site or houses in pots onDepth of 1.5-2 cm. The soil mixture must be light and nutritious. A little growth stimulant is added to the well. It is shed by warm water

Rooting the Cuttings at Home


Roses are planted obliquely, under a prick of 30 ° C fromGround level. A plastic bottle with a volume of 1.5-2 liters is put on top. To do this, she cuts the bottom and a little from the side, so that she will lie flat on the ground and close the stalk tightly.


If the bottle is rectangular 5-liter, then the stalk is planted in the soil directly and only the bottom is cut from the container. When the weather is warm, the cork from the bottle is removed. On cool days and at night it is not removed.

Rooting the cut under the bottle


When the stalk is rooted, young leaves begin to grow from the kidneys, then the cover is carefully removed. That's how rooted cuttings of roses.

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