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How to propagate by cuttings rose

rose flower

You can buy seedlings of roses in the shop, in the market, but it is better to propagate by cuttings from their bushes.

Then you can put your favorite brand in several parts of the site, to exchange planting material with their neighbors or open up your small business.

You will need

  • - sekator-
  • - Stalk rozy-
  • - Soil-fertile
  • - water-
  • - plastic bottles.



It is best to propagate those species which then grow well and bloom without requiring grafting. It rose: pletistye- floribunda- poliantovye- hybrid polyanthus.


Good breeding and greenhouse varieties. Therefore, if there was presented a beautiful bouquet and want to have the flowers on your site, you are root and cuttings. They - herbaceous (green, neodrevesnevshie). This planting material is preferred for breeding roses.

Preparation of cuttings with hothouse roses


After the bud appeared on the vending escape, take the secateurs and cut the branches of the length of 5-8 cm. The cutting is taken from the middle of the branch. It should be 2-3 buds.


The lower section is at an angle of 45 degrees, andupper - 90 degrees. Remove the lower leaves to reduce moisture evaporation. Now you need to put the cuttings in nutrient IAA (kornevina) solution for a day, dropping it on the lower part of 4-5 cm. The solution temperature should be lukewarm (28-32oS).

Cuttings of roses in water


Further, there is also rooting in water. It is poured into a jar, which lowered the lower part of shoots for 2-3 weeks. The tank should not be in the sun, partial shade will suit. Every day or every other day Carefully pour the old and new to pour water.


When the ends of the cuttings will root the beginnings of the future in the form of a light bulb, you will need to wait another week to appear roots. Then you need to bring to planting soil.


Planting cuttings on site or at home in pots ondepth of 1.5-2 cm. The soil mixture must necessarily be light and nutritious. The well was added a little growth stimulant. Her warm water shed

Rooting cuttings home


Roses are planted at an angle, from 30 ° C under a prickground level. Top wear plastic bottle, a volume of 1.5-2 liters. To do this, she cut off the bottom and on the side of the bit, to make it well-reclined on the ground and tightly laying a stalk.


If the bottle is a rectangular 5-liter, the stalks are put directly into the soil and the container is cut off only the bottom. When the weather is warm, the tube is removed from the bottle. On colder days, and at night it is not removed.

Rooting for a bottle


When the stalk is rooted from kidney will grow new leaves, then carefully remove the cover. So perpetuate cuttings of roses.

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