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How to pay off your mortgage early

If you find it difficult to find the right amount needed to buy an apartment, have the support of a mortgage loan.

The only condition is often under such loan can be quite onerous, resulting in a house in the end it becomes prohibitively expensive.

Remove burdensome debt to the bank can prepay the entire mortgage or a significant part of it.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - Contractual loan
  • - An amount sufficient to repay the loan.



Explore the loan agreement concluded with the bankor another credit institution. Not every bank provides the ability to prepay a mortgage loan. For example, in an agreement between you and the creditor can be clearly stated that the loan can only be repaid after a certain period. This is due to the fact that the bank in the event of early repayment of the loan amount you can not get the expected profit as a percentage.


Please note, if specified in the contract,that in case of early repayment of a mortgage loan you have to pay the bank interest is also calculated for the estimated time of use of the loan. Sometimes in the agreement, such payments may be called a fine or fee income for the provision of services for the early repayment of debt.


Ask the bank if there are any in your caselimitations on the amount to which you are entitled to make early repayment of the mortgage loan. If the amount is allowed to make only a part, you may have to write every time an application for authorization of such action. The statement examines the credit committee, but there is no guarantee that it will be positive whenever your next treatment.


If the restrictions described above, yourthere is no agreement, determine for yourself how much money and what a reasonable time, you can pay in repayment of debt. Try to correctly calculate their financial capabilities. The best option for those who have all the necessary sum, is to completely and quickly as possible to close their obligations to the bank.


Notify the financial institution of their intentionprepay a mortgage loan. Please note that some banks require to notify them of the impending repayment for a certain period, for example, two weeks or a month. If necessary, wait for the decision of the credit committee for your question.


Make the required amount to the bank account. Be sure to take an employee of the bank certificate certifying that the loan repayment mortgage. It is advisable also ask for more time to check your account to make sure you receive all the assets and performance of debt obligations. After that, in the prescribed manner with the encumbrance of the property is removed. Now you can rightfully consider himself the owner of their own homes.

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