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HOW poured floors

How to pour the floors

Flat floor - it's not a fad, and aesthetics, built in the convenience degree. Therefore, floor leveling - important stage of any repairs.

A modern materials allow to do so, without the help of professionals.



need to find out before you start,how you have uneven floor. As from this dependence will need to choose a way to fix it. To do this, you need to disassemble the flooring to the concrete base and a special device - a laser or mounting level - produce roughness measurements.


Having defined the alignment line Drawit on the wall and place the beacons, which you will align floors. You can use guides for drywall, which are sold in DIY stores. Position the rails at a distance of 60-70 centimeters, so that they coincide with a line incised on the wall around the room. Check coincidence beacons with lines using narrow flat board and the mounting level.


Then attach the rail with screws to the floor,Use a hammer. Now make a tie: it gently and evenly pour the mortar - cement, sand - between the rails. Take the guide and use it to align the solution. Once dry, you can start laying a new floor.


Besides this method, there are others. One of them - a simpler, but also more expensive - leveling floor using self-leveling mixture. This method is suitable in the case only if the floor is uneven in certain locations, and if the floor has a dent troughs.


Spread the mixture over the instructions and just fill itfloor, then spread the mixture over the entire surface of the floor - you can use the guide, and can be a normal mop. Here, unlike the previous method does not require careful leveling mix, but this alignment method is poorly suited for very rough surfaces.

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