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How to fill the foundation for the house


How to fill the foundation for the house</a>

The foundation is the guarantee of the fortress and the durability of the whole structure.

When pouring the foundation, you can not save on its cost, and you also need to consider the kind of soil on which you plan to put the building.

It is better if it is solid ground.

But in some cases it is necessary to put the building on peat sites or on soft soils.

Then pouring the foundation should be given the maximum amount of forces, means and time.

You will need

  • - crushed stone
  • - sand
  • - cement
  • - water
  • - boards
  • - nails
  • - fittings
  • - concrete mixer



On an unstable ground,foundation. Foundation pouring? This is the final stage in its construction. First, after marking the foundation, you need to dig a trench. The more unstable the soil, the deeper the depth of the trench. Then you need to put the formwork, strengthen it from all sides by spacers. Put a sand cushion on the bottom of the formwork. On the sand - a layer of gravel or gravel. All this shed water and tamper. Everything, a pillow? Ready.


Make a framework of reinforcement inside the formwork, firmly fix it.


Choose how to fill the foundation. There are two options: to buy a ready-made solution, brought by a mixer, or to make a solution by yourself. The advantages of buying a ready-made mortar: speed, less effort and time. The disadvantage is the high cost compared to the filling by hand. The advantage of mixing the solution yourself: less cost. Disadvantage: a lot of time and effort.


To prepare the solution you need: Concrete mixer, sand (river), crushed stone, cement (better brand 400), water. When mixing concrete, it is necessary to observe the exact proportions. For a solid foundation suitable for: 1 part of cement, 3-4 parts of sand, 3-4 parts of gravel or crushed stone. Water pour gradually to get the density of sour cream. After pouring out the solution, it is necessary to compact it well. At home, the usual chopper is suitable. This is done so that there are no bubbles inside, otherwise even the strongest concrete will be subject to destruction.
If there is no concrete mixer, you can dissolve the concreteMix in any capacity, but this process will be very time consuming, take longer and take a lot of effort, and the quality of the concrete will be much worse. If mixed in a concrete mixer, the quality of concrete is the same as in the factory.


A week after the foundation is poured, several rows of bricks can be laid out. The foundation will acquire the final hardness in a month, and the fortress in three months.

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