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HOW pour the foundation for the house

How to pour the foundation under the house

The foundation is a guarantee of strength and durability of the entire structure.

When pouring the foundation can not save on its value, as well as the need to take into account the kind of ground on which you plan to place the structure.

Better if it will be solid ground rocks.

But in some cases it is necessary to put the building on peat areas or soft soils.

Then pouring the foundation should be given the maximum amount of effort, money and time.

You will need

  • - rubble
  • - sand
  • - cement
  • - water
  • - board
  • - nails
  • - fittings
  • - concrete mixer



On unstable soils usually pour ribbonfoundation. Pouring the foundation? this is the final stage in its construction. At first, after marking the foundation, need to dig a trench. The instability of the soil, the deeper must be the depth of the trench. Then you need to put the formwork, to strengthen on all sides by the spacers. At the bottom of the formwork to pour sand cushion. On the sand - a layer of crushed stone or gravel. All this is to shed water and compacted. Anything? Pillow? ready.


Make a frame inside the casing of the valve, secure it firmly.


Choose the method of pouring the foundation. There are two options: to buy a ready-made solution, brought a mixer, or to make the solution themselves. The advantages of buying a ready solution: speed, less wasted effort and time savings. Disadvantage - the high cost compared to manual filling. The advantage of mixing your own solution: lower cost. Disadvantage: a lot of wasted time and effort.


To prepare the solution will need: concrete mixer, sand (river), gravel, cement (best brand 400), water. Kneading concrete you need to follow the exact proportions. To fit such a strong foundation: 1 part cement and 3-4 parts of sand, 3-4 parts gravel or crushed stone. Water was gradually poured to obtain density cream. Pouring the solution, it should be well compacted. At home, suitable conventional chopper. This is done to ensure that there was no bubble inside, or even the strongest concrete will be subject to destruction.
If there is no concrete mixers, concrete can be dilutedmix in any capacity, but this process is very time consuming, takes more time and takes a lot of strength and quality of concrete will be much worse. If a kneading mixer, concrete quality is the same as in the factory.


A week later, after pouring the foundation can be spread several rows of bricks. The final hardness of the foundation will get a month, and the fortress - three months.

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