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How to fill the foundation for a bath


How to fill the foundation for a bath</a>

Reliability of a bath directly depends on how well the foundation design is chosen, as well as on how well it is laid.

It is necessary to take into account the properties of the ground on which it is planned to build a bath, and carefully consider all the details of the building.

You will need

  • 1. The shovel,
  • 2. sand,
  • 3. crushed stone,
  • 4. concrete,
  • 5. The level,
  • 6. Ruberoid,
  • 7. brick.



The most common type of foundation under the bath- belt. It is well suited for sandy, rocky, dry clay soils. If the site is located in the lowland, near the wet terrain, a strip foundation for the bath should not be used. Think about the location of the foundation, mark the places where the ventilation holes will be located. The underground of the bath must necessarily be well ventilated, otherwise conditions are created for the appearance of fungal growth, and an unpleasant smell arises, many of the wooden parts of the bath are in disrepair. For a wooden chopped bath of small size, there is enough basement with a width of 25 - 30 cm. If the bath is stone, then the foundation must be wider.


Dig a trench along the perimeter of the future bath, andAlso in the locations of the inner bearing walls. Align the bottom of the trench with sand, fill it with granite chips or rubble and pound well. The base of the foundation should be 20 cm below the depth of the soil's freezing. For the middle band, this depth is not less than 75 cm, you can slightly reduce this figure if the ground sand and groundwater run low.


Make a concrete pouring of the trench, it mustBe above the zero mark by 15 - 20 cm. To fill the foundation under the bath, concrete is used in standard proportions: 1 part of cement, 1.5 - 2 parts of water, 3 parts of sand, 8 pieces of crushed stone.


Align the top layer of concrete withCement mortar, using the level. You can bring the foundation to the desired height with concrete pouring and formwork, or use as a socle brickwork. Cover the top layer of the socle with a waterproofing material - usually a roofing material is used for this. After your foundation is ready, let it stand for at least 40 days (at a temperature not lower than 200, if the temperature is lower, then increase the time to 60 days), and only after that set the bath on it.

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