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HOW poschital subsistence minimum per person

As poschital subsistence minimum per person

Calculate the cost of living for one person can be by reference to the legal act of the Russian Government, which sets the appropriate value on a quarterly basis.

In this case you must first install a particular person belongs to a certain category of the population.

The subsistence minimum per personestablished by the RF Government on a quarterly basis. For this purpose, called the body produces a special resolution, which reflects the minimum amount necessary for the various categories of the population. In the current legislation applicable minimum subsistence level per capita, calculated on the basis of averaged data, and poverty levels for specific categories of citizens whose needs differ. So, now the corresponding values ​​for children are established and published separately, the working population and retirees.

To what extent is set the cost of living?

The size of the subsistence minimum depends onthe volume of consumer basket that it includes goods and services necessary for the individual citizen of our country everything needed for one month. Currently, the cost of living established by the RF Government on 03.27.2014, the number 233. In accordance with this document for the working-age population of the value of this indicator amounts to seven thousand eight hundred ninety-six rubles per month, for children - seven thousand and twenty-one rubles, for pensioners - six thousand and twenty-three rubles monthly. At the same time the average minimum subsistence level per capita, according to the mentioned Act is seven thousand three hundred twenty-six rubles a month.

What is the cost of living?

The size of a living wage isstatistic in determining the pace of economic development, standard of living. The practical value of this quantity is the need to ensure public support for certain categories of the population, whose income does not reach the size of the relevant indicators. So, it is up to the subsistence level made additional payments to pensions on the territory of the subjects of our country. Furthermore, the need to assign social benefits also determined depending on the level of security material. In this case, compared with income of the individual family summed subsistence level of all its members. If the first index lower than the second, the social protection agencies if asked social benefits are assigned, designated purpose of which is to achieve the necessary level of material well-being.

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