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HOW pokleit stekloholst

As fiberglass pokleit

You have decided to make repairs, but faced with the task in front of you - how to level minor irregularities walls.

The ideal solution would be fiberglass.

You will need

  • -stekloholst-
  • -glue-
  • -rezinovy ​​shpatel-
  • -stationery knife.



Fiberglass is suitable for leveling minorirregularities of the walls and surface preparation for painting. It will not work if in the wall of huge potholes (and you do not plan their patch), since in such places under mechanical impact glass fiber simply broken. It also will not work if you do not plan further painting. Remember that this is not wallpaper, translucent fiberglass and does not overlap the wall color.


First we need to prepare the walls. Clean them of dirt and dust, large potholes and cracks have zashpatlevat. To reduce the absorption of paint later, it is necessary primed wall. To do this, use a special primer or a weak solution of glue.


Getting directly to the glueing. Measure out the required length of fabric with a small margin, cut office knife. On the wall is necessary to note the vertical. To do this, use the level or plumb, or simply define the eye. Apply glue to the desired section of the wall, it is necessary to opt for fiberglass. We put the cut fiberglass smeared on the wall. Aligns vertical, smooth rubber spatula, first center, then from the center to the edges. Next fabric sticking in the same way. Fiberglass glued joint to joint. If for some reason you do not succeed, then we do the other way: sticking the front page, with not much to smooth the edge, overlapping the second strip of sticking, make slits two webs, remove unwanted parts. Spatula to smooth the resulting joint.


Pokleit wallpaper, waiting for when they are dry. Do not forget the fact that the room should not be a draft, or simply fall off steloholst. The final stage - painting. Fiberglass can be painted as anything, any number of times, it all depends on your imagination.

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