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HOW pohoroshet for 1 month

As pohoroshet for 1 month

In our fast paced rhythm of life, unfortunately, not always possible to cut out a sufficient amount of time to put in order their appearance.

But, you see, well-groomed, smart, healthy people are much more successful with them more pleasant to deal with. And how lifted the mood when you read in the throws at you looks admiration and sympathy !?

Therefore, you must regularly engage themselves, their health and body.

I offer a crash course in performing simple rules which can be in a very short time, in just 30 days, to be transformed and become more beautiful.

Make a habit of waking up on an empty stomach,eat a tablespoon of flaxseed. Carefully chew and drink a glass of warm water. After half an hour you can have breakfast. So perfectly cleanses the body, starts process of losing weight. Stronger hair and nails, as the skin becomes more healthy. Before use, check with your doctor, t. To. Flaxseed is contraindicated in the presence of stones.
Enter in daily diet salad of boiled beets. It perfectly cleanses the blood, and this can not but affect positively on the skin and the internal organs.

Every day, for at least an hour before bedtime, applyin the face of self-prepared mixture of glycerin and vitamin E. We buy ingredients at the pharmacy and do the following. In a jar, pour 30 grams of glycerin and added to the oil 10 capsules of vitamin E capsules squeezing, pierced them a needle. The mixture is applied to clean skin, preferably after a light massage brush. This composition effectively combats wrinkles and evens out the complexion.

Do not forget to take care of body skin. Use after every bath simple scrub made from one cup of sea salt and a glass of fat sour cream. Massaging the body, including the neck, this family with the help of sponges-rukovichki and wash off with warm water.
Salt exfoliates dead skin particles and disinfects, and sour cream softens and nourishes the skin.

After water procedures before bedtime lubricate yourfeet with butter, to which was added a few drops of peppermint oil. In order not to stain the sheets and to better mitigate and food, dress socks made of natural fibers. A month later, your feet will be the subject of your pride.

For grooming hair is perfectspecial water, which is necessary to rinse after washing your tresses. Dilute 1 liter of ordinary water with 5 drops of menthol oil. The freshness and lightness you provided. In addition, this composition helps to get rid of dandruff.
You can use every three days, a wonderful maskfor hair. Dry mustard powder, breed Burdock oil to porridge consistency. Apply for 20-30 minutes on damp hair, then wash off. Hair significantly accelerate growth and wake up the dormant bulbs.

Do not forget about our cilia. In thoroughly washed and dried empty tube of mascara fill with wheat germ oil. An hour before bedtime, we put a brush oil over the entire length. Within two weeks of the cilia become thicker and longer.

Protect the health care of your appearance, appreciate yourself! According to the well-known aphorism: "Watch out for yourself - and then man will follow you!".

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