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HOW podoborat hair dye

As podoborat hair dye

How to avoid mistakes when selecting a paint?

Knowing what the numbers indicated on the package, it is easy to experiment with colors.

Ladies often change their image in the pursuit of perfection. Sometimes it is enough to change hair color.

But the shade on the box is not always similar to the resulting stain. It depends on such factors as:

  • the original color of hair-
  • availability sediny-
  • kraski- quality
  • time vyderzhki-
  • reaction with the paint that have been previously painted hair, for this reason, try to choose a paint of the same brand.

On the packaging of paint always pay attentionnot only on the hair color of the model, but also on digital indicators that can tell a lot. The first digit is always specified the basic (natural) tone, which is responsible for the level of color depth.

There are 10 basic hair colors: 1 - black, 2 - brown 3 - dark brown, 4 - medium brown, 5 - light brown, 6 - dark blond, 7 - intense blonde, 8 - light blond, 9 - very light blonde, 10 - platinum blonde.

The digits following the point for the number of the pitch, indicating shade (2 - purple, 3 - gold, 4 - copper, 5 - mahogany, 6 - red 7 - matt 8 - shade coffee).

The third digit indicates additional or secondary hue (1 - ashy, 2 - purple, 3 - gold, 4 - copper, 5 - mahogany, 6 - red, 8 - shade coffee).

The second and third digits are interconnected in a ratio of 2: 1. Knowing the numerical designation of colors, you can easily experiment with tones and semitones.

For example, wanting to get the chestnut hair color with a predominance of golden tint with hints of copper, select the tone 5.34.

Try to opt for lightershade if you wish not to receive the dark hair color. Brown and brown shades are dangerous because when dyeing hair may turn out much darker than the model on the cover.

From darker shade to a lighter is always more difficult to pass.

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