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ANY player to watch mkv-movies

In mkv format

no longer need film lovers specially go to the cinema to enjoy the magnificent spectacle.

Enough to have a computer at hand, a suitable player and a good film library.

To play a movie on a computer, theremany special programs. A variety of formats makes programmers to create more sophisticated software capable of supporting high-quality video and sound. Among the most famous formats in recent years, it became particularly popular * .mkv.

More about mkv format

This format was created as part of the target"- Matryoshka Matroska» project. Developer of Matroska.org set out to get a cross-platform solution to the set of tools and libraries, which could play a variety of operating systems.
mka, mks and - three formats have been created for the projectmk3d. First for audio, subtitles, and the second for the third video in 3D. Meanwhile, for video with subtitles and audio mkv format was developed. Among its features are: the ability to broadcast over the Internet, fault tolerance, the ability to display subtitles, easy switching between video tracks, modular expansion.
The format is not supported by the hardware on the consumervideo players that limits its utility somewhat. However, some programs developed PC, with which you can watch movies without too much difficulty.

Programs for mkv

The list of programs to open mkv very large. However, among them are the most common.
GOM Player
Included in the number of free video players forWindows. The main reason for the popularity - support a huge number of video and audio formats. It has its own embedded codecs, and can also use those installed in the system. To date, the developer has created Gretech Corporation version 2.2.5. The product is constantly being improved and maintained.
Light Alloy
No less popular product from the developer Vortex Team. Distributed through a free license Freeware. Last for today version 4.7.8
The KMPlayer
Included in the popular line of software for viewingmovies on your computer. It supports a variety of formats, including mkv is not in last place. Pandora TV Developer created on version 3.8 today for Windows, 1.0 for iOS and 1.01 for Android.
Media Player Classic
A simple, yet powerful enough freeplayer, which is distributed both individually and as part of a package of codecs K-Light Codec Pak. Supports a variety of formats, it is multilingual and is version 6.4.9. Currently, the project is no longer supported.

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