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HOW plasticine sculpt animals

How to sculpt from plasticine animals

Molded from clay - an exciting experience for kids and their parents.

It is particularly interesting to create animals.

The kid will be easier if at the initial stage it will help you.

The basis for the first animals should be simple items such as balls and sausages.

Do not be afraid to dream and to use additional materials.

You will need

  • Plasticine, sunflower seeds, lace.



plasticine hedgehog

From clay to sculpt wonderful hedgehog. To do this, take a small piece of brown or dark gray plasticine and form of his body - the sausage. At the end of the resulting preform must be sharp little - is the next tip. Now take a piece of white color and make of it two tiny ball - eyes. Pupils can be done easily from the small black beads.


Attach the eyes to the place, forming a muzzle. The tip of the nozzle made of little plasticine ball in a contrasting color. Then you need to sculpt legs of the same color as the body. It may be small balls or sausages - at your discretion. And, of course, the most important thing for the hedgehog - needles. Make them out of ordinary sunflower seeds. Just gently slide them into the body of a hedgehog, trying to evenly cover the entire back. If the hand did not have seeds, the hedgehog needles can be made of pine needles. Plasticine hedgehog ready.


Mumps plasticine

Blindly from clay funny pig. Of course, you'll need a pink color, but if you really want, you can make a pig of a different color, such as blue. To make the pig first plurality of balls roll. Two of them have to be larger, it is the future pig head and torso. Four more of the ball - a little less, of them will be fine chubby legs.


Gently fasten together all six ballsso as to obtain a blank for pigs. You can then proceed to the design of the muzzle. To do this, from clay black roll two tiny ball and make of them the eyes. Now fabricate nose. It will be just a thick patty of clay with two holes. At pigs ears should be in the form of triangles, if desired, they can be made of colored cardboard. And, of course, a ponytail. Roll a small thin sausage and bend it into a spiral. Thereafter, the tail can be affixed into place.


On the basis of the hedgehog and the pig made of plasticine can beblind and other animals. For example, if you add a hedgehog long tail and big round ears, you get a charming little mouse, a needle in this case, of course, are not needed. Tail mouse does not necessarily make from clay, it is possible, for example, to use a beautiful lace. Instead pigs can get a great cat, it is necessary only to blind another snout and tail. If you wish, you can make a Kitten stripes or spots of contrasting color plasticine.

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