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How to plaster a slope


How to plaster a slope</a>

During the repair, there is a need for plastering window and door slopes.

As a rule, they are stuccoed the same way.

To do this work yourself, you should follow the sequence of work.

You will need

  • Plaster, perforated corners, beacons, rule, level, spatula



For plastering Slopes Perforated corners are required to help form right angles Slopes. Beacons that are exposed around the perimeterWindow frames and which serve as guiding elements during plastering. You buy beacons and corners in the building store. To prepare the solution, you need a punch.


Prepare the surface Slopes To the plaster. Bleach everything that is weakly held on the surface, clean from dust and dampen with water. Next, close the window sill with film, and seal the window frames with paint tape, so as not to stain the solution. Often, change the film and tape during operation so that the primer can not dry under the coating. Otherwise, you will not be able to clean the surface of the window sill and frames after you remove the film and tape.


Prime the slopes with concrete-contact and allow to dry. While the primer dries, prepare for work perforated corners and beacons. Measure the internal sides Slopes, Apply this measurement to the beacons and cut the desired length with metal scissors. Also measure the external slopes and cut off the perforated corners.


Then take a dry plaster mixture andConnect it with water, as written on the package. In order to stir the mixture, use a perforator with a special nozzle. Allow the plaster to stand for a while and then stir again. The solution must not be liquid, it must be kept on the surface.


Apply the plaster on the perimeter of the windowBindings so that it covers the frame by 1 cm. Attach the cut off beacon to the solution and gently press it. Then take the level, put it to the beacon and put it on the level. While the solution is soft, the beacon can be corrected by pushing it or immersing it in a solution.


Once you have installed internal beacons,Proceed to the outer corners. Apply a thick solution to the edge of the slope and place a severed perforated corner to it. The solution will pass through the perforation of the corner and fix it in place. Now take the level, set it on the edge of the corner and, pressing it, put it on the level. After the structure dries, you can start plastering Slopes.


Dried plaster on beacons and corners wetWater. Take a not wide spatula and apply to the escarpment of the plaster solution, spreading it on the surface. The mortar must cover the entire area of ​​the slope without spaces. Allow the surface to dry out, and move on to another slope.


The second layer of plaster is a covering, then do it,When the plaster dries, but does not dry until the end. On such a surface, plastering will be easier. Moisten the surface of the slope with water and apply a covering. Then take the rule of 100 cm, put the bottom of the window sill and draw the plaster mixture from the bottom up. Remove excess solution with a spatula. If there is a hole somewhere, add the solution and stretch it again with the rule. The upper slopes do likewise lateral. Do not rush to let the solution get into your eyes.


When the plaster is seized, sandSlopes with medium-sized sandpaper and primed with deep penetration. Then remove the adhesive tape from the frames and the film from the window sill. Prepare slopes for finishing works.

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