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HOW plastered slope

As plastered slope

When plastering many the question arises as to plaster the outer and inner corners of the apartment, as well as the plaster soffits.

The fact that non-compliance with technology often cover cracks and peels off, but because you need to learn a few rules of working with plaster.



Plaster of angles and slopes, no doubt, the processdifficult. To make the ointment Usenkov and husks, using solutions from finely sifted sand. After applying the solution attach the poluterok ointment and spend as long as the surface is perfectly flat. Note that these works should be carried out strictly in one direction (either vertically or horizontally), and minor imperfections can be corrected with the help of a small trowel, apply a little more solution in place needs some work.


Next on completed Usenko proceed toOintment chamfers. To do this, moisten usenok and attach poluterok an end. Now move poluterok up and down, rubbing the solution. You should get a completely straight bevel of equal width if a chamfer rounded, as do single profile along its entire length. In order to fix minor bugs, use poluterok.


In order to fulfill the husk, use beacons. Bring the ends up to the ceiling, on top put a solution and rub it with a trowel, then to put beacons on the ceiling and fix the rule. Prepare not very thick plaster and fill the entire space under them pravilom- after the solution dries, the rule must be removed.


If you need to get verticallighthouses, husks, then each side, usually to the beacons, and then apply the solution, you should have a wide mark each side, to her corner of the rule, and in the space underneath the plaster is applied as soon as the solution dries, the rule is removed. The same manipulation and spend the other side of the angle, in the end between the two lighthouses you get a smooth husk. If the surface of the husks are small bumps, remove them with a small amount of solution and ointment.

During the plaster ceilings and walls in the areado not forget the ceiling beacons directly from the junction with the wall, and then on the walls as do the horizontal beacons that will be most fit to the ceiling, so you can get the horizontal husk. Luzgovye beacons do from the same solution that you use to plaster the surface, do not allow the penetration of the solution to the beacons.

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