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How to plaster a slope


How to plaster a slope</a>

When plastering, many people ask how to plaster the outer and inner corners in the apartment, and how to plaster the slopes.

The fact is that if the technology is not complied with, often the coating will crack and exfoliate, and therefore it is necessary to master several rules of work with plaster.



Plastering angles and slopes is undoubtedly a processUneasy. In order to make the seeds and husks, use solutions from finely sifted sand. After applying the solution, apply a half-rub to it and rub it until the surface is perfectly even. Please note that these works must be carried out strictly in one direction (either vertically or horizontally), and small defects can be corrected with a small half-rack, just apply some more solution to the site that needs to be worked out.


Next, by the performed primes, proceed toChamfering. To do this, moisten the child and attach to it a half-ruble from the butt. Now move the half-circle up and down, grinding the solution. You should get a completely straight chamfer of equal width, if the chamfer is rounded, also make a single profile along its entire length. In order to correct minor defects, use a half-ruble.


In order to perform husk, use beacons. Bring their ends to the ceiling, put the solution on top and rub it with a half-ruble, then put and fix the rule to the beacons at the ceiling. Prepare a not very thick stucco solution and fill it all the space under the rule - after the solution dries, the rule must be removed.


If you need to get verticalBeacons, husks, then put the rule to the beacons, and after that apply the solution, you should get a wide mark, put a rule in it, and put plaster in the space under it, once the solution has dried, the rule is removed. The same manipulations, and the other side of the corner, in the end between the two beacons, you get a smooth husk. If there are small irregularities on the surface of the husks, remove them with a small amount of mortar and rubbing.

During plastering ceilings and walls in the areaCeiling do not forget to perform beacons directly at the junction with the wall, then on the walls also perform horizontal beacons that will be as close to the ceiling as possible, so you can get horizontal husks. Scraping beacons from the same solution that you use for plastering the entire surface, do not allow the solution to reach beacons.

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