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How to call the ignition coil


How to call the ignition coil</a>

The ignition coil is a step-up transformer. It changes the low voltage of the car's electrical network to high.

The symptoms of a faulty ignition coil are usually not the operating state of all the candles. It's easy to call the ignition coil.

You only need an ohmmeter or multimeter.

You will need

  • The key for removing the coil, ohmmeter or multimeter.



Open the hood and locate the coilIgnition. Disconnect the high-voltage cable from it. It usually comes to the central contact. Disconnect the wires plus (+) and minus (-) from the coil. Remove the coil from the car body.


Next, check the resistance of the secondary winding. To do this, connect the ohmmeter to the negative (-) and high voltage terminals. The resistance between them should be within 4.5 kΩ - 6.5 kΩ.


The next step is to check the coil onInsulation or "mass". Connect one ohmmeter contact to the ignition coil body, and the second one alternately to each of the contacts: plus, minus and high-voltage. The resistance between each of the contacts and the coil body must be at least 50 mΩ.

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