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At his summer cottage every agriculturist himself, and can put exactly the tomato varieties that are loved by the family. To get excellent harvest, it is necessary to properly care for the plants.

Pasynkovanie - one of the important conditions of a large number of fragrant fruit.

You can buy tomatoes at the store, but ifthere is a suburban area, it is best to grow them there. Of course, the freshly harvested fruits will be able to feast on only in the second half of the summer - early autumn. But they are no match for the taste and aroma of the purchase.

Agrotehnika growing tomatoes

To feast on tomatoes from the garden, you need timeplant the crop properly and take care of it. First grown seedlings. To do this, sow seeds in a container with soil for 2-3 months before planting the seedlings to a permanent place.
Care is simple. It should be watered the bushes as the soil dries, fed, tied up and pinch them. The latter must be done, otherwise the stepchildren will delay the nutrients and productivity decrease.
Another reason is to doIt lies in the fact that the plant suckers obscure and little light it receives. And the third - the risk of the disease late blight of tomato bush. Experienced gardeners know how dangerous it is a viral disease, since it can all emerging crop in the bush negate.
Sometimes, late blight appears as early as mid-July,if there is a cold rainy weather. That moisture is the main source of its propagation, breeding ground for disease-causing spores.
If the time to remove suckers, significantly reduce watering, cover bushes at night film, it is possible to prevent or to spread late blight on tomato plants all.
Stepchildren - is part of the bush tomato, which is growing from the axils of the leaves. One plant they may be 20, so you must remove them in time, when they have just started to grow.

How to remove stepsons

Before starting pasynkovanie tomato, you need to prepare all the necessary:
- The capacity to vodoy-
- margantsovku-
- Sharp scissors.
Some gardener advised to simply break outstepchildren in the morning. But this often leads to damage of the maternal bush, because with this appendage can accidentally tear off and part of the skin with the plant itself or even dislocate it.
Only two liters of water in which is dissolveda few crystals of potassium permanganate. The solution should be pink. Use scissors to cut stepson, leaving the "stump" in 1 centimeter, and remove everything on this bush. After one plant, handled scissors disinfected in a solution of potassium permanganate and move on to the next. Similarly, handle all the bushes.
You can take your very small suckers athelp nail, but the fingers will be difficult to wash off. And if you are already on some bush Phytophthora spores, you can infect others. This method is justified at the beginning of the growth of tomato bushes. Since early July, you should use more reliable - with the use of potassium permanganate and scissors.

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