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HOW pinch azalea

How pinch azalea

Azalea - flower flowering heather family.

The period of abundant bloom from December to April.

Azalea flower very capricious, demanding a lot of attention, good care.

If you work hard, you will thank it for its beauty exquisite flowers.



Azalea loves the sun. Sunlight should be disseminated, under the direct rays of azalea dies. The best place for a pot azalea - a window facing the south-west side.


The apartment is an ideal summer temperature should be 20 degrees, and in winter - 13 degrees. Very hot and dry air can not stand.


Grooming azalea, avoid drying outground. Make sure the soil has always been a bit of moistened. The ideal time for watering - it is early in the morning. When the azaleas begin to bloom, watering should be plentiful. Alternate watering - and the surface of the pallet. The water in the pan holding two hours, then drain it. Do not forget to spray. When sprinkle, close hand the buds and flowers.


young azaleas you need to repot every year. Repot it after she bud. Loosen the root ball slightly, if it is too large, the crop. transplanted azaleas Put in the most shady, warm place. After about 30 days azaleas should be well rooted and give the new shoots.


To azalea was neat and beautiful, you need to do topping new shoots. Pinching do in May. What will be more likely to do it, the more luxuriant will azalea bush.


To this end, the young escape at a height of 10 cm otstrigite or tear off the tip. Then, when they grow up, new side shoots 3 cm long, Prischepa them again.


In summer azaleas you can put on a balcony or planted in the open ground on a well lit place, but not in direct sunlight.


In the winter is better to water azaleas a pallet. Most humidify the air in the room.

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