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How to pierce the nose at home


Home is the easiest way to get a nostril piercing</a>

Currently, piercing remains popular among young people.

If you understand, the piercing to us has come a long time.

Puncture of various parts of the body was carried out for many thousands of years before the time of our days. In India, a woman with a punctured nose has always testified that the woman is married.

In Russia, the sight of a beautiful face with a punctured nose immediately leads to a comparison of the owner of such a face with poor Africans.



If a person is determined enough and he does not fear how muchnoseLook on your face instead of neat noseIka lilac potato, then he can safely proceed to pierce noseBut at home. The easiest way is to make a nostril piercing yourself. For this procedure, it is best to choose the season of the year more coldly, when the dust is much less, and increased sweating can not prevent the healing process. First of all, you need to purchase all the necessary material. Stock up with sterile surgical gloves and sterile cotton wool. For the forthcoming piercing process, you can use a needle from a conventional dropper. It is quite sharp and goes along with a plastic tube. It is necessary to choose a diameter for the thickness of the pier. In addition, about 100 ml of alcohol will be needed. It is better to do without anesthesia. For this purpose, usually used drugs that are used in dentistry: in ampoules - lidocaine 5% or in aerosols - lidocaine 10%. But to myself to make an injection in person is very dangerous and problematic, except for this, allergies may appear on such drugs and subsequently swelling. Therefore, it is better to wait a moment. You should think about further care for piercing, you must always stock up with solutions of myramistin or chlorhexidine. These are the best of antiseptics for piercing care. Also suitable salicylic or boric alcohol, tincture of calendula.


Now you can go to the process itself. The chosen pier should be placed in a small container with alcohol. Prepare and disinfect the needle. Put on gloves, put a tampon in the nostril that you are going to pierce, well, with pressure, treat it with alcohol, twist the nostril, and pierce it with a strong and sharp movement. At the same time, the needle should be pulled out and the tube left in the hole. Then insert the tube at one end of the pier and pull it out, while the pier should, as it were, suck in and stand in place. Outside, it is necessary to treat the puncture site with alcohol.


It is very important not to touch for a while and notMove the puncture site. Until the channel is formed and the wound does not heal, the decoration should not be changed. Place the puncture treated twice a day with a special disinfectant solution (miramistin).

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