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HOW pierced nose House

Houses easiest way to get pierced nostrils

Currently, the piercing is popular among young people.

If you look, piercing came to us for a long time.

Piercing various body parts it has conducted for many thousands of years before the time of the day. In India, women are always punctured nose testified that the woman is married.

In Russia, the same kind of a pretty face with a pierced nose immediately suggests the comparison of the owner of the little face with the poor Africans.



If a person is determined enough and not how much afraid of possibilitynosebe witness to my face instead of accurate noseika purple potato, he can safely proceed to puncture noseand at home. The easiest way to do your own piercing the nostrils. For this procedure, it is best to choose a time of year poprohladnee when dust is much smaller, and sweating can hinder the healing process. First of all, you need to buy all the necessary material. Arm yourself with sterile surgical gloves and sterile cotton. For the upcoming piercing process, you can use a needle to the usual kapelnitsy.Ona is quite acute, and comes with a plastic tube. It is necessary to choose the thickness of the diameter of the pier. In addition you will need about 100 ml of alcohol. It is better to do without anesthesia. For this purpose, commonly used means which is used in dentistry: ampoules - 5% lidocaine aerosol or - 10% lidocaine. But do yourself a shot yourself in the face of a very dangerous and difficult, in addition to these drugs, you may receive an allergy and then swelling. Therefore, it is better to suffer the same moment. It is necessary to think about the future care of the piercing, it is necessary to stock solutions miramistina or chlorhexidine. This is the best antiseptic for the care of the piercing. Also suitable salicylic or boric alcohol, tincture of calendula.


Now you can go to the process. Selected pier should be placed in a small container with alcohol. Prepare and disinfect the needle. Wear gloves, insert the swab into the nostril, which is going to pierce the well, with pressure, to treat it with alcohol, turn nostril, strong and sharp movement to pierce it. Thus it is necessary to pull the needle and leave the tube in the bore. Then insert a tube into one end of the pier and get her out, and the pier must be absorbed and how to get to the place. Outside, it is necessary to treat the puncture site with alcohol.


It is important not to touch for some time and did notmoving the puncture site. Until channel is formed and the wound has healed, the decoration should not be changed. Place a puncture handle twice daily special disinfectant (miramistinom).

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