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HOW pierced ears without pain

As pierced ears without pain

If you want to pierce ears at home,you need to learn how to prepare for such a procedure, how to make a puncture to comply with sterility and prevent damage to the nerve endings, and then how to take care of the sores so they heal faster.

Also, you may find useful recommendations that will make ear piercing procedure is almost painless.

What you need to pierce ears at home

Before self-ear piercing, it's important to make sure that you have everything you need for this procedure.
Puncture need to make a specialneedle-catheter, which can be bought at the pharmacy. Choose the smallest size - 1 mm. The catheter must be new, do not use second-hand. Also, do not use a sewing needle to puncture, because not to expand the diameter of the base, but because such a wound would be quite a long time to heal.
Earrings must be made of non-oxidizingmetal - gold, silver or special medical alloy. Well, if the ornament is shaped like rings. Then you will be conveniently cleaned in the early days of the puncture site, as well as earrings clasps will not disturb you.
To disinfect the lobe, you will becomepuncture, and the instrument itself, it is necessary to use rubbing alcohol ilizhe antiseptic agent, for example chlorhexidine. He also you will be able to process your hands if you do not have a medical gloves.
To wipe the skin before the procedure, you will need sterile cotton pads or cotton. Also, they should wipe the blood, if it goes after you make a puncture lobes.
Analgesic or tool that allows you to reduce the pain if necessary. Such means may be necessary, if the person who pierced ears, has a low pain threshold.

How do ear piercing procedure less painful

Different people have different pain threshold, sosomeone may need to anesthetize the piercing process. Remember, the least painful procedure will have an experienced master, and therefore it is desirable to refer to such a specialist.
If you still want to do it yourself,before puncture enclose something on the back side of the ear. In addition, you can "freeze" the lobe of ice. To do this, take out a piece of ice from the freezer, place it in a plastic bag, and then a few minutes to attach the future of the puncture site. After that you can start.
Typically, ear piercing pharmacy painkillersfunds are not used as a place for body piercing has the highest threshold of pain. If you still want to use the anesthetic medication, consult your pharmacist - he will recommend you the best option. For example, you can apply for anesthesia lidocaine. It is more convenient to use spray or gel. This tool has a local anesthetic action.
In addition, you can purchase at the beauty salon or clinic for ear piercing machine ( "gun"). Such a device makes piercing process more fast, safe and painless.

How to pierce the ear by yourself without hitting a nerve

In order not to hurt the nerve, measure out exactly the placecenter lobe or above 0.5 mm. Here there is no cartilage puncture made easily and without pain. Do not make additional punctures in other areas of the ear, because the consequences can be different - from grazing to puncture the vessel nerve and even blindness.
So put an end to the place that you are going to chop (you can do soaked in iodine toothpick or ballpoint pen).
This point should be put on both sideslobe. Disinfect the surface of the skin on both sides, an earring and a needle. Then the tool should be ignited with fire, and scale to wipe a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.
When using lidocaine or other anesthetic follow the instructions.
Then attach the catheter to the intended point of the needleon the outer side of the ear, and (necessarily) at right angles, and with sharply force perforate this place. So it will be less pain, if the process is carried out without anesthesia. On the opposite side lobes can hold a piece of potato or apple, so as not to pierce it for weight.
Pierced earlobe, sharply pull the needle out. After that, immediately insert the earrings make a hole in the lobe. Well, wipe the ear with an earring cotton swab with alcohol. Do the same manipulation and the second ear.

How to care for sores after the procedure?

Not removing the earrings, the puncture site regularlyTreat with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. It is also recommended to periodically gently move the handle of earrings. For quick healing of wounds can be used calendula tincture. Sleep is desirable to position the back on a comfortable cushion with a sterile pillowcase. on the back.
If for any reason, it will fester,you can apply on the inflamed area antimicrobial agent for septic wounds - for example, "Levomekol". Thus earring should move in the opening. While the wound will not heal, hair lushe wearing climbed into the tail.
And finally: If you are not sure that will be able to properly and without pain pierce ears at home, it is better to consult a specialist. This procedure in salons is inexpensive, it is done quickly and completely or almost painless.

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