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HOW pet raincoat

As pet raincoat

To look perfect, you need to monitor the state of his clothing.

If your cloak appeared wrinkles and folds, it can be easily corrected.

Just like a shirt or jacket at the coat has its own characteristics and consistency of ironing.

Here are a few tips on how to pat a cloak to make it look great again.



An hour before the procedure cloak dampen or ironed by covering it with a damp cloth. Cloak pat only on the front side, a warm iron.


Start stroking raincoat with the collar from the ends to the middle. First, from the wrong side, and then - from the front.


You need to stroke the sleeve starting from the cuff. Fold the towel roll round shape and place it in a coat sleeve and iron.


The back fold in half, and iron on each side. Put on a raincoat and carefully otparte get a line on the back.


Separately iron the shoulder of the cloak, carefully stretching it so that no folds.


On the front of the otparte straps with loops and buttons. And then the left and right half full.

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