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How to decline surnames


How do the names change by case and should they be declined at all?</a>

The names of Russian and foreign origin have a huge number of different forms, which often causes difficulties in the use of such names.

Declination of surnames is indicated in special dictionaries of surnames, but there are also a number of rules that you can follow if you are in doubt on this issue.



All Russian surnames that have in their compositionThe suffixes -ov (-ev-), -in-, -sk- (Belov, Ignatieva, Baturin, Glinskaya) are declining. In the plural, the forms of female and male names coincide (Belov, Glinsky). Surnames that end in "oh, -y, -yy" (Lanovoy, Wild, Zapashny) tend to the same way as adjectives.


Other male surnames ending inConsonants or letters??,?? (Except for surnames in -yh, -ih), have in the instrumental case the ending -om, -em: Gaidar, Babel. Female surnames in this case do not bow: with Anna Kern, for Marina Golub. In the plural, the names of this type are also inclined as masculine nouns: they visited the Herzen family.


Russian surnames ending in -yh, -ih (White, Dolgikh) do not bow.


If the surname ends in a vowel sound, this surname is not inclined either in masculine or feminine gender (visited by Anna Romanenko, a gift for Sergei Gorenko, a novel by Albert Camus).


When declining surnames ending in -a hasThe meaning of which letter (vowel or consonant) is before this -a, and whether the final one is a percussion. If the surname before the final -a is a vowel, that surname is not inclined (Morua).


Surnames that end in unaccented -a after consonants tend to the first declination: Kafka (Kafka's novel), Okudzhava (Okudzhava song).


If the finite -a (or -y) is a shock, suchSurnames may be declined or inclined, depending on their origin. Surnames of French origin are not inclined (Dumas, Petipa, Zola). Surnames of a different origin (Slavic, from oriental languages) are inclined according to the first declension, that is, in them the shock ending -a: Kvasha is singled out? Kvashi, Kvasha, Kvasha, Kvasha (this includes Golovnya, Shengelaya, Beria, etc.).


If the surname is compound, and the first part of the surname is notIs used in itself as a surname (Demuth-Malinovsky), then only the second part of the name (the Demut-Malinovsky sculpture) is inclined. If the first part of the surname is itself a surname, in this case both parts are leaning (Lebedev-Kumach's verses).

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