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HOW entice names

How to change the names on cases, if any, need to persuade them?

The names of Russian and foreign origin have a huge number of different forms, which often leads to difficulties in the use of such names.

Declination of names indicated in special dictionaries of names, but there are also a number of rules that you can follow if you are having doubts in this regard.



All Russian names, having in its compositionsuffixes -ov- (-ev-) -invariant, -sk- (Belov, Ignatieff, Baturin, Glinskaya) lean. In the plural form of male and female names are the same (Belov, Glinsky). Surnames ending in? Oh, matched, th (Lanovoi, Wild Zapashny) are inclined in the same way as adjectives.


The rest of the men's names ending inconsonants or letters? s ?,? nd? (Except for the names on the -s, -their) are instrumental case in th end, (-em): Gaidar, Babel. Women's surnames, in this case does not lean: Anna Kern, for Marina Golub. In the plural names of this type also tend how masculine nouns: visited Herzen.


Russian names ending in -s, are their (White, Long) is not inclined.


If the name ends in a vowel, such a name does not bow down to men or to feminine (visited Anna Romanenko, Sergei gift for Gorenko novel by Albert Camus).


With the decline of names ending in -a havevalue, which letter (vowel or consonant) stands in front of the job, and whether the final -a shock. If the last name before the final vowel -a stands, such a name is not inclined (Morua).


Surnames ending in unstressed -a after consonants, leaning on the first declension: Kafka (Kafka's novel), Okudzhava (song Okudzhava).


If the final -a (or -s) is a shock, suchnames may be inclined or not inclined according to the origin. The names of French origin do not bow (Dumas, Petipa, Zola). The names of other origin (Slavic, of Oriental Languages) are inclined in the first declination, ie, they singled out the shock ending -a:.. Kvasha? Kvasha, Kvasha, Kvasha, Kvasha (this includes bunt Shengelaja, Beria and others.).


If the name of a component, and the first part of the names is notused by itself as a surname (Demuth-Malinovsky), it tends only to the second part of the surname (sculpture Demuth-Malinovsky). If the first part of the last name is the name on its own, in this case, both sides of the bow (Lebedev-red bunting verses).

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