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How people live in the village

How do people live in the village

The inhabitants of modern cities often see the village only on TV, so difficult to imagine that a simple life full of physical labor.

In fact, people in the village live are often worse than in the city - only have to work a lot more.

If you or someone you know have a suitable home, try a taste of village life in full, but be prepared for some surprises.



You are lucky, if the house is in a village equipped with benefitscivilization - sewerage and running water. Subtle in the city, they are very relevant in rural areas. If a house with no amenities at all, you have to fetch water from the nearest speaker or from a well, pour it into water dispenser, and then make a bucket of dirty water. Toilet in these homes, as a rule, on the street, and is a small hole in the floor of the shed (the contents of the septic tank from time to time need to be emptied).


The availability of water and sanitation dependsalso possible to connect the washing machine. If not - will have to be washed by hand, tend to blur the villagers in the bath as there is hot water.


Get ready for what will have to be washed in the bath- Is both advantage and disadvantage. On the one hand, the bath is useful for the organism, hardens, removes waste, etc. On the other hand, the bath was drowned usually not more than once or twice a week.


Dodge from work does not work, it isalways. In winter, the villagers sawing and chopping firewood, clean snow. With the beginning of spring begin field concerns - vskopka beds, planting seedlings, potatoes, vegetables, watering the garden, repair and construction of a variety of fences and sheds. If there is a cow or a goat, hay and caring for the cattle. If the house does not have a car, tractor or even a walking tractor, equipment will have to hire every time, otherwise the work becomes quite heavy.


Especially a lot of work in the houses where they holdlivestock. At least twice a day to cook porridge for the animals, adding the feed, vegetables and vitamins. Throw manure, grazing (in some villages, cows and sheep graze the shepherds, others care about the owners themselves), treatment, care, morning and evening milking. Many families in the villages today reject the content of cattle as feed costs (feed, vitamins, vegetables, hay) is significantly higher than the final revenue from the sale of meat or milk.


In all of this, many people in the village alsoworked at the farm or farms, in shops, municipal institutions (kindergartens, hospitals, schools), bakeries. Regardless of job salary rarely exceeds the minimum for the country, and sometimes not even live up to it, so many villagers go to work in the nearest town.


Electricity is available in almost all villages. But mobile phones and the internet - not everywhere. Therefore it is better to ask in advance about how to get out of the situation by the locals.

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