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How people live in the village


How people live in the village</a>

Residents of modern megacities often see the village only on TV, so it's hard to imagine this simple life full of physical labor.

In fact, people in the village often live no worse than in the city - only work has much more.

If you or your friends have a suitable house, try to taste the village life in full, but be prepared for some surprises.



You are lucky if a house in the village is equipped with goodsCivilization - sewage and water. Imperceptible in the city, they become very relevant in the countryside. If the house without conveniences at all, it is necessary to carry water from the nearest column or from a well, pour it into a wash-stand, then take out a bucket of dirty water. Toilet in such houses, as a rule, on the street, and is a hole in the floor of a small shed (the contents of a septic tank also need to be emptied from time to time).


From the availability of water and sanitation dependsAlso the possibility of connecting the washing machine. If it does not exist, it will be necessary to erase manually, as a rule, the villagers in the bathhouse are washed, since there is hot water there.


Prepare to wash yourself in a bath- this is both a virtue and a disadvantage. On the one hand, the bath is useful for the body, hardens, removes slags, etc. On the other hand, the bath is heated, usually not more than once or twice a week.


Dodge work will not work, it isalways. In winter, the villagers saw and prick wood, clean the snow. With the beginning of spring, field cares begin - excavation of beds, planting of seedlings, potatoes, vegetables, watering the garden, repair and construction of various fences and sheds. If the house has a cow or a goat, haymaking and care for the cattle. If there is no car, a tractor or at least a motor block in the house, the technique will have to be hired each time, otherwise the work becomes very difficult.


Especially a lot of work in those houses where they keeplivestock. At least twice a day you need to cook for animals porridge, adding mixed fodder, vegetables and vitamins. Add manure cleaning, grazing (in some villages cows and sheep are grazed by shepherds, others are taken care of by the owners themselves), treatment, care, morning and evening milking. Many families in villages today refuse to keep livestock, because the costs of feed (mixed fodder, vitamins, vegetables, hay) significantly exceed the final income from the sale of meat or milk.


With all this, many people in the village alsoWork in state farms or collective farms, in shops, municipal institutions (kindergartens, hospitals, schools), bakeries. Regardless of the place of work, wages rarely exceed the minimum in the country, and sometimes even do not reach it, so many villagers go to work in the nearest city.


Electricity is available in almost all villages. But mobile communications and the Internet - not everywhere. Therefore, it is better to ask in advance how the locals get out of the situation.

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