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HOW pat leather

As pat leather

Artificial leather - rather delicate material, which if not properly stored easily crumpled.

To stroke the leather, it is undesirable to use an iron, there are several other methods to smooth out creases and wrinkles in the material.

If they do not help, you can pat iron, but it is important to follow certain rules.

You will need

  • Sprayers, iron, cloth towel.



Remove the product from imitation leather inside,put it on a hanger and hang over the bathtub or shower around so that water does not leak to the material. Indoors Turn hot water for ten minutes to form a vapor. Hot steam straighten the folds and creases of things. Wait until the product has dried - preferably not less than twelve hours.


A similar technique involves the use of notsteam and water. Hung on a hanger product, wet with the spray material from the wrong side, then straighten arms artificial skin, smooth out imperfections and leave a hang freely to dry.


If the product does not look completely crumpled, thereonly folds or creases in one place, then the whole thing necessarily subject to such procedures. For example, to smooth out the sleeve from the jacket made of artificial leather, you need to take a piece of thick cloth or towel, folded it into a pillow and insert it into the sleeve so that it took proper shape without wrinkling.


Turn on the iron, select the function and vaporizationlet off steam on the artificial skin, keeping the iron at a distance of fifteen centimeters of material. Suffice it once to let off steam, a large amount of vapor can damage the product. Then straighten arms and hang the fabric product so that smoothed portion hanging loosely.


Not iron artificial skin is not desirable, andin any case it is impossible to do without the protective layer of tissue on the front side of the leatherette. Be sure to remove the garment inside out. Spread the product on the ironing board, turn the iron on a very minimal power, turn off the steam. The ideal temperature - no more than 35 ° C.


Cover with cloth or towel thing and at firstprogladte a small inconspicuous area to check how to behave under the influence of imitation iron. Spend iron very carefully, almost touching. If the smoothed synthetic leather, damage is not observed, all the iron the folds. It is advisable to put under the special board material for ironing without hands or a towel.


Smooth faux leather sofa or chairYou can use a wet cloth well wrung out by hand or in a washing machine. Cover with a cloth and furniture during the day, as it moisturize dry spray. To smooth out wrinkles on the shoes made of artificial leather, tamp it with newspapers or cloth to shape, smear shoe polish colorless and dry place, not close to the battery or other heating devices. One day, apply the cream again.

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