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HOW stick Stickers

As a self-adhesive paste

Fast and cheap to change the interior of your apartment, you can use self-adhesive film. The market presents a variety of types of self-adhesive, imitating wood, stone, tile, leather, fabric.

The use of different types of film will help you update your furniture and any apartment building.

You will need

  • - karandash-
  • - Ruler, better stalnaya-
  • - A sharp knife, nozhnitsy-
  • - With a soft cloth.



Prepare a working surface on whichYou will glue film. The surface must be cleaned of dust and grease, if necessary - zashpatlevat and sanded irregularities. Porous surfaces - such as chipboard, untreated wood, plywood, better primed.


On the opposite side of the self-adhesive coatedSpecial centimeter grid to facilitate cutting. If the film has no explicit pattern offset kroite on this grid, leaving a margin of a few centimeters on edge parts. If there is a pattern repeat, it is not necessary to focus on the wrong, but on the front side to the subsequent combination of different pieces of the seams were invisible. If you have a picture "under the tile", this film is cut out at the seams "tiles."


Cut a cut parts. Straight parts are cut with a knife along the ruler. Scissors are used for cutting small and curved parts.


Stick the prepared parts. On the short side separate from the film protective paper a few centimeters. Always apply the film with one hand and the other gently pull the paper substrate. Soft cloth smooth out the film from the center to the edges, trying to avoid the appearance of bubbles. If the bubble formed, pierce his thin needle and expel air from under the film. If you want to paste a few panels, each overlapping the next stick with an overlap of a few millimeters. To sutures were invisible, the edge should be paid towards the window.

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