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HOW pass tests for rubella

How to pass tests for rubella

Despite the fact that rubella is considered a banalone of the most easily borne diseases of children, it can lead to serious disturbances in the development of the fetus in the case of a woman in her during the pregnancy.

That is why the question of early diagnosis of this disease is considered one of the most important in modern doctors-infectious diseases.



Rubella virus (lat. rubella) is able to be transported both airborne and in utero. The man had been ill once the disease gets stable immunity that accompanies it throughout later life. Interestingly, in the older age rubella is more painful, and in case of transmission from mother to child can even lead to abnormal development of the internal organs of the developing fetus and incurable deafness.


The basic method relating to the identification ofsuspicious antibodies, is the study of blood tests collected from the patient. The presence of elements of IgG class are present in the body in accordance with established medical norm indicates the complete absence of human predisposition to this type of virus. Inconsistency same health indicators suggests increased danger and the absence of the necessary immunity.


The increased concentration of IgM antibodies in theirall recent reports rubella virus infection, with titers over time continues to increase, which accurately reports the presence of acute infection in the body.


Antibodies of IgG and IgM, observed in combination givethe ability to accurately determine the presence of doctors or lack of human immunity to rubella, allow to take measures for early patient grafting or promptly send the patient to immediate treatment.


Changing the concentration of antibodies with increased class IgG titers and a decrease in IgM shows good dynamics of the disease, aimed at the recovery of the patient.


Such analysis taken hold on an empty stomach, limiting or completely eliminating any reception whatsoever medicines that can adversely affect the results of the blood test.


Before delivery is recommended, not onlyadhere to light diet, but also completely give up alcohol and strenuous exercise. Similar tests recommended to prescribe to pregnant women and those who are just planning to become a mother, the study exposed infants and people with obvious signs of incipient disease.

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