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HOW paint spots

How to paint spots

Acne has long been talking about adolescenceage. Their appearance is connected with the bad environment, and improper nutrition, and health problems, and maybe it's just the poor condition of the skin.

While we struggle to deal with the appearance of acne and elimination of this deficiency, there is a need to hide their materials at hand.

You will need

  • Fat cream concealer (correcting means), foundation



Apply on face fat cream so that he softened the skin, and more specifically - the dry surface of the problem areas.


Take the concealer (correcting means) andApply it on the area that you need. There is no need to smear it over the skin, and should be easy to drive lightly until you see that the problem areas are no longer visible. After the application is necessary to wait until the concealer is not dry up and will no longer be erased.


Take the foundation, in which the taskenters hide flaws and spread it across the surface of the skin. Thus, it creates a uniform texture of the face and those areas that you are plastered, become invisible, as are the pimples.

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