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How to Paint Acne


How to Paint Acne</a>

Acne has not talked about adolescence for a long timeAge. Their appearance is associated with poor ecology, and with malnutrition, and with health problems, and perhaps it's just a bad skin condition.

While we are struggling with the appearance of acne and dealing with the elimination of this defect, there is a need to hide them with improvised means.

You will need

  • Greasy cream, concealer (correction agent), tonal remedy



Apply a fat cream on your face so that it softens the skin, and more specifically - the dry surface of the problem areas.


Take the concealer (correction agent) andApply it to the zones you need. Do not smear it on the skin, but you just have to drive it lightly until you see that the problem areas are no longer visible. After applying, you need to wait until the concealer has dried and no longer wears off.


Take a tonal tool, whose taskEnter to hide the flaws and distribute it across the surface of the skin. Thus, it creates a single face texture and those areas that you have covered, become invisible, like the acne itself.

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