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Bedroom interior in blue

HOW paint panama bulk inks


The usual hat can be turned into a bright hat, paint it if bulk inks.

These paints are special, they swell in front of the heating iron.

Prepare for washed and ironed hat, hand, bulk, textile paints, relief means, and circuit pattern.

Figure is applied with a fine brush or a narrow nosetube. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly. A cotton hat should be ironed very hot iron for five minutes. After that, the paint becomes volume.

If you are going to alternate flat leaves and voluminous flowers with ladybirds drawing turned out beautifully.

Black loop set point on the insects, white - draw a mustache and eyes. Ready drawing back iron the iron. Panama can be washed in warm water.

If the iron to iron textile paint, they do notchange their appearance. However, mixed with relief means in the ratio of 1: 5, after heating they become bulky iron. The shops sell generic outlines with glitter, with mother of pearl, and with the effect of volume.

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