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How to paint Panama with volumetric paints



Usual Panama can be turned into a bright headdress, if you paint it with voluminous paints.

These paints are special, they swell from the heating by the iron before our eyes.

Prepare for work washed and ironed panama, brushes, volumetric textile paints, relief, contour and pattern.

Draw a thin brush or a thin spoutTube. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly. Cotton panama needs to be ironed with a very hot iron for five minutes. After that, the paint will become voluminous.

If you alternate flat leaves and voluminous flowers with ladybirds, the picture will turn out nicer.

With a black outline, place dots on the insects, white - draw the antennae and eyes. Once again, iron the iron. Panama can be washed in warm water.

If ironed with textile paints, they do notWill change their appearance. But, mixed with a relief tool in a ratio of 1: 5, after heating the iron, they will become voluminous. In shops are sold universal contours with shine, with nacre and with effect of volume.

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