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AS will be arranged a paid parking

As will be arranged a paid parking

Back in April 2012, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin said all residents of the city to establish a paid parking in the city center.

This solution, in his opinion, should help to reduce the constant traffic jams in the area of ​​the Boulevard Ring.

The complete elimination of free parking spaces inthe center of Moscow to take place since the beginning of 2013. They will be replaced only paid parking, which cost, according to preliminary estimates will be about 50 rubles per hour. According to the mayor Sergei Sobyanin, is due to the fact that the chaotic parking today very difficult public transport and motorists in the center of the city.

To help understand the new parking systemCar information site with an interactive map of parking lots and will begin to work a special call-center will be launched from August 1 this year, which experts will conduct outreach to the public to obtain information about the new project.

Since November 2012 will be put into operationparking test project, the first of which will appear on the Petrovka Theatre Square and in the coach number. By this time, we plan to make laws in the capital all the necessary changes, to accept new legal documents, as well as to improve as much as possible and work out all the mechanisms for the implementation of a new project in detail.

Particular attention will be paid to the timelyinforming residents about the availability, control over the order on paid parking and payment methods during parking. In the pilot car parks, by the way, it is already possible to carry out the parking lot with the use of non-cash form oplaty.Takzhe planned to make certain benefits for some people.

And since the beginning of 2013 in the area of ​​the Boulevardrings do not remain legally free parking spaces, because everything will be paid parking there. And on July 1 this year, motorists expect multiple capital raising fines for wrong parking.

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