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How to pay parking


How to pay parking</a>

Back in April 2012, the Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, informed all the residents of the city about the creation of paid parking in the center of the capital.

Such a decision, in his opinion, should help reduce the constant traffic congestion in the area of ​​the Boulevard Ring.

Complete liquidation of free parking spaces inThe center of Moscow should occur from the beginning of 2013. They are planned to be replaced only by paid parking, the cost of which, according to preliminary calculations, will be about 50 rubles per hour. According to the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, this is due to the fact that chaotic parking is currently hampering the movement of public transport and motorists in the center of the city.

To help understand the new parking systemCars, an information site with an interactive parking card will be launched from August 1 of this year and a special call center will be launched, whose specialists will conduct explanatory work for everyone who wants to receive information about the new project.

Since November 2012 will be put into operationTest parking project, the first of which will appear on Petrovka, Teatralnaya Square and in the Caretne series. By this time, it is planned to make all necessary changes to the capital laws, to adopt new regulatory and legal documents, as well as to maximally improve and fine-tune all the mechanisms for implementing the new project.

Particular attention will be paid to timelyInforming city dwellers about the availability of vacant seats, monitoring the order on paid parking lots and methods of payment for parking time. In pilot parking, by the way, it will be already possible to carry out parking using a non-cash form of payment. It is also planned to make certain benefits for some population.

And already from the beginning of 2013 in the area of ​​BulvarnogoRings will not remain legal free parking spaces, because absolutely all parking there will be paid. And from July 1 this year, motorists of the capital expect a multiple increase in the amount of fines for incorrect parking.

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