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HOW overgrow ears

How to overgrow ears

ear piercing procedure is one of the most common in the field of aesthetic changes in appearance.

And if today there is no problem to pierce ears, then, what if there was a desire to get rid of the hole in the lobe?



Remove to start earrings. If you have pierced ears more recently, the likelihood of the holes in the overgrowingthe ears is equal to 100% .If you have removed the decorations after the tightening of the channel, the full of overgrowth can occur, and traces of the holes remain. Earlobe unlike other places for piercing (tongue, navel) due to their functional characteristics are difficult to heal.


Use with overgrown holes Contractubex ointment or any other medication, designed to heal scars. Ointment is in some cases effective.


Visit a trusted plastic surgeon. To date, there is a practice stitching holes in the ears. Operation is insignificant and is held under local anesthesia

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