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How on earth there was oxygen

How on earth there was oxygen

Mankind has always been predisposed toknowledge of something new or sacramental covered with thick layers of past times. Even in the elementary processes that surround us, we can see some kind of a mysterious touch, where the solution is able to shed light on the immense curiosity.

This trend is widespread, including the question of the origin of the atmosphere of our planet, without which life in its truest form, simply could not exist.



As it became known, the oxygen of our typeEarth's atmosphere has arisen due to the activity of plant organisms, by simple physical and chemical reactions. About 2.8 billion years ago in an atmosphere of oxygen content reached 1% of the level of advanced performance. However, the excess gas content beginning observed only another 1.4 billion years ago.


This fact influenced the growing, scale,the formation of red granite. In the Cambrian period, namely 550 million years ago, in the water began to emerge complex multicellular organisms with the presence of exoskeleton. This helped to increase the level of oxygen in the atmosphere before 10% of the current content.


Rapid hanging percentageoxygen in the atmosphere of a planet the Earth falls on the boundary times - about 400 million years ago. This has contributed to the rapid development of a large number of plant species. As we know, the plants themselves, directly involved in the formation of oxygen. However, scientists still can not give an exact answer to the question why over 150 million years before the event, the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere could increase up to 10 times! Perhaps someday we will be able to uncover the veil of experts of this mystery.


However, modern scientists do not cease to put forwardhypotheses regarding the above issue. For example, employees of the Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (specializing in the study of the features of the earth's crust) put forward his theory. According to her, it does not exclude the existence of alternative sources of influencing the production of oxygen. Soaring granite stone influenced the release of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gases, and - water. Under this influence, the Earth's crust raised the level of acidity, which is reflected in the oxygen-rich atmosphere.

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