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How to glue old wallpaper


How to glue old wallpaper</a>

Doing repairs yourself, you should consider the occurrence of adverse effects. For example, wallpaper can become unstuck and spoil the look of the entire interior.

However, this unpleasant moment is easy to fix.

You will need

  • - glue (paste, PVA or wallpaper for joints) -
  • - dry rag-
  • - medical syringe, brush or sponge, spatula.



Before gluing the old wallpaper in advance, prepareglue. You can use several types: paste (glue made from flour or starch), PVA glue or special glue for joints. It should be noted that PVA can leave yellow spots, so it can not be used for bright wallpapers.


Unbend the edge of the peeling old wallpaper. With a dry cloth, clean the surface on which the glue will be applied.


Carefully and evenly apply glue on the wall andWallpaper, pay special attention to the edges. Glue PVA is recommended to be applied through a medical syringe (without using a needle) or a small brush (for example, for drawing). The paste must be applied with a small sponge. Special wallpaper paste for joints is sold in small tubes, which allows you to quickly and economically apply it to the surface.


Wait a while (three to ten minutes), so that the wallpaper is impregnated with glue.


Firmly press the bent edge of the wallpaper to the wall. In the direction from the center to the edge, flatten the surface with a soft bristled brush to avoid the formation of bubbles and creases. If you want to glue a smooth wallpaper, then instead of a brush you can use a rubber roller or spatula. Carefully remove the excess glue over the edge of the edge with a dry cloth or sponge. Please note that the dried glue is very difficult to remove from the surface of the wallpaper.

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