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How often should you water the orchid?

How often should you water the orchid?

Orchids are very beautiful, delicate and rather whimsical flowers. Most housewives want to see on your screen is the perfect plant.

But many do not know how and when they watered the flowers begin to fill with water, so they suffer from bacterial and fungal diseases.

Although orchids and grow in tropical forests,under heavy rains, do not arrange them the same thing in his house. Watering orchids need to every kind of special. Oncidium, Dendrobium, Cattleya prefer that the soil dried out between waterings, and for Phalaenopsis, pafiopediluma, odontoglossum and Cymbidium substrate must remain always vlazhnovatoy.

Observe the water balance

Orchids do not like waterlogged, they are easier towill make a drying substrate. From waterlogged leaves turn yellow and start to rot the roots of the flowers. Intense and frequent watering plants require only the active growing season, emissions and flowering stems. Reduce watering is necessary, when orchids, a period of rest after flowering and in winter, when cooler and less light. During warmer orchids should be watered every two to three days, and in the winter - once or twice a week.

We must take care that the soil completely dry out between waterings.

Choose the right water

Orchids used to the rain water that feedsin their nature. Collect this water, if you have the opportunity. Of course, if you're away from the city. But if it is not, then it is necessary to water the orchids supernatant water or filtered water. This is a mandatory rule, because tap water contains salts, adversely affecting the plant.
In regions with normal water hardnesscan simply boil to get rid of impurities in the salt water. The main thing is to know when watering: orchids with Bulba poured when the bulbs begin skryuchivatsya- types of flowers that do not have a bulb, need to be watered when the soil has dried well, and the lower leaves began to shrink.

irrigation methods

Watering orchids in several ways. Classic - is the use of watering cans. Gently water the soil from the top, until the water runs out of the drainage holes. This procedure was repeated several times. Water should be poured from the pan. The most convenient way to use a pot with a large tray.

It is better if used for irrigation water will be warmer than room temperature.

You can water the other way, plunging the pots withflowers in the tub with water for twenty to thirty minutes. Also for orchids can create their usual tropical rain with a warm soul, a way of watering promotes more frequent blooms. Flowers that grow without substrate, need to be watered daily by sprinkling the roots of the spray. Watering orchids need the morning to have time to dry flowers.

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